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Avoiding the Horror of Nursing Home Abuse in Illinois

When it comes to nursing home abuse Illinois is like any other state.

That is, we know that it happens here because it happens everywhere.

Ten percent of senior citizens have been victims of elder abuse. You may trust the nursing home facility where your loved one is being cared for. However, you don't know if they're earning that trust.

Oftentimes, the victims of elder abuse are also made to feel that they will not be believed when they discuss their experiences.

Make sure you take these steps to prevent your relatives from being victims of nursing home abuse. Know what options you have if your relative is being victimized.

Know The Signs

Nursing home abuse is happening all across America. The reason it's so common and underreported is that people often don't know what to suspect.

People committing nursing home abuse are dependent upon the fact that the victims won't be believed (due to the decline in mental faculties associated with aging.) Or, they believe the victim will be too humiliated to speak up.

It's what makes this crime so widespread -- but also so sickening. If they suspect nursing home abuse Illinois residents can fight back by knowing the signs.

Silence and Isolation

As we said, the reason so many nursing homes and nursing home workers feel entitled to commit this abuse is the low likelihood of reporting.

In some cases, it's because of the mental faculties of residents. A person may have Alzheimer's, Dementia, or just be experiencing senility. In any case, these conditions will make it a lot harder for residents to articulate abuse.

Another reason is the humiliation associated with reporting abuse. The psychological trauma associated with the abuse suffered in nursing homes can make it a lot harder to report the incident or incidents.

In either case, if your loved one is less talkative and seeks isolation repeatedly, there is very likely a reason for it.

Bed Sores or Injuries

Unexplained injuries are a telltale symptom of physical abuse being experienced in a nursing home.

Senior citizens are a lot less likely than the average person to engage in a strenuous physical activity. It is possible that a fall or a bumped knee could be to blame for a bruise or welt on an elderly person.

But it's more likely a sign of nursing home abuse Illinois residents should dread seeing.

Bed sores, like bruises, can also be a symptom of nursing home abuse. These are more likely to be ignored because people tend to think of them as the result of aging and being less mobile.

But they often signify something darker. In either case, you should ask what's happening to your relatives.

Dehydration, Weight Loss, Or Lack of Sanitation

There is absolutely no reason for anybody to be dehydrated in a nursing home.

Dehydration, as we all know, happens because you have not consumed enough water. In a nursing home, attendants are supposed to make sure their relatives are consuming the water they need.

This is what makes dehydration a sign of nursing home abuse Illinois residents need to be aware of. If your relative is dehydrated, your relative is neglected.

Weight loss and unsanitary conditions are also serious warning signs. If your relative is not being fed or is not having their room cleaned, they are likely being neglected.

Neglect is one of the most prevalent forms of elder abuse. That makes it absolutely essential that people know these signs.

Unexpected Death

Unfortunately, this is often the end result of elder abuse.

When it comes to nursing home abuse Illinois residents need to know the signs because older bodies can take a lot less harm or neglect than those of younger people.

That means that older people are far more likely to be killed by the abuse they experience than their younger counterparts. So don't wait to see the signs.

What To Do If You Suspect It

It's easy to see nursing homes as giant and untouchable entities. If you take this view, it's likely that you will fail to realize that you can fight back against elder abuse when it happens to you or your loved ones.

When it comes to nursing home abuse Illinois protects its residents, as does the United States.

These facilities are federally regulated, and if there is abuse happening you are within your rights to seek recourse.

But before you take legal action, you need to act to protect your loved one and other senior citizens from the facility.

To protect your relative, visit the nursing home frequently. Nursing homes generally pay more attention to and take better care of residents with families who frequently visit the home.

The next step is reporting the nursing home to the state. It's likely more than just your relative who is being put at risk: this abuse is often systematic. Filing a report is the best way to put a stop to it and protect all families.

Finally, make sure to transfer your relative to a different facility immediately. At the new facility, visit as frequently as possible to make sure your relative isn't experiencing the same abuse in a different location.

Nursing Home Abuse Illinois: Take Action

When they witness or suspect nursing home abuse Illinois residents can, and should, take immediate legal action.

This is a systematic problem precisely because legal recourse is not taken nearly enough. Meanwhile, senior citizens are being hurt, humiliated, and even killed at alarming rates.

Elder abuse is one of our areas of specialty. This problem is important to us because we believe our elders need to be treated with respect and dignity at all stages of life.

We also believe that families should be able to trust nursing homes to guide our loved ones through their golden years.

We want to help make these beliefs a reality in the state of Illinois. If you suspect or know that your loved one is the victim of elder abuse, contact us immediately.

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