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Do I Need To Talk To An Injury Lawyer?

I was reviewing my legal case files and noticed that about half of my clients waited a LONG time before contacting me about their injuries. This is true in car accident cases, fall down injuries, work injuries, you name it. It is alwyas better to talk to an injury lawyer right after an injury so your know “The Rules” and you know your rights and the correct way to proceed, whether you hire a lawyer or not. But as you will see, there is NO DOWNSIDE and lots of good reasons to talk to an injury lawyer right away. There are plenty of reasons that people DO NOT speak with an injury lawyer soon after a crash. One is that they hope that their injuries will get better on their own, and they do not want to make a big deal about it. Some people who are hurt at work are worried that if they report their injury, they will get in trouble at work or lose their job. Some people do not like the idea of being “one of those people” who hire a lawyer and files a law suit. The trouble with delaying speaking with a qualified, experienced personal injury lawyer is that it can hurt your case and make your case harder to prove, and possibly result in a lesser recovery for your injuries. For example, in a fall down case, I like to have a lot of time to investigate the scene, seek out witnesses, get photographs of the scene, and sometimes, consult with my architect/structural engineer witness to make sure that we have considered...
Insurance Company Taking Advantage In An Injury Case?

Insurance Company Taking Advantage In An Injury Case?

I speak with many people who are worried about the insurance company taking advantage in an injury case or injury claim.  After representing people who have been injured for approaching two decades, I have talked to many, many people about this. Most people who get a feeling like an insurance company is taking advantage are right.  Unfortunately, you should trust your intuition.  If you think that something fishy is going on and that the insurance company is trying to take advantage of you, they probably are. Insurance companies in injury cases can either play “good cop” or “bad cop”.  In other words, they may never return your phone calls, put you on hold, or act very rude to you when you speak with them about your claim.  They do this to try to make you give up and abandon your claim.  Believe it or not, a lot of injured people give up and never recover on their injury case because they get so fed up with the bad behavior of the insurance company, that they forget about the whole thing. Another example of an insurance company taking advantage could be the “good cop” behavior.  This is when they insurance company is very nice to you on the phone, promises to get right back to you, and then strings you along, hoping that your Statute of Limitations  deadline to file a law suit, will expire.  When you get them on the phone, they apologize for not calling you back.  And every time you talk to them, they need “one more” bit of information or document before they can make you...
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