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CTA Bus Injury – What Should You Do If You Got Hurt on the CTA?

CTA Bus Injury CTA bus injury lawyer Scott DeSalvo answers a client’s question about a fall on a CTA bus. The caller, Danielle, fell on a bus when it was raining. The floor was set, and the bus driver drove the bus so it jerked and shook. So, Gloria fell down and hurt her leg and her lower back. In this video, Mr. DeSalvo answers Danielle’s questions to help give her some information to assist her in decision making as to her next step in her CTA injury case. Of course, speaking with a lawyer who is in possession of the actual details of the case is the only way to really know whether you have a chance at recovery in the case. If you have questions or need more help, give me a call, toll-free, at 888-HURT-318 (888-487-8318). Free, no obligation consultation in person or by phone. Or, you aren’t ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created a DVD Injury Video which you can get immediately delivered to your email. Same deal. Go to or call 888-HURT-318 to get your Injury DVD video. I hope this info helps you to understand what injured people are up against in CTA injury cases. If you still have questions, I am happy to answer any questions you have below or give me a call. Thanks for watching! Scott D. DeSalvo Chicago CTA Injury Lawyer Facebook:

Do I Need To Talk To An Injury Lawyer?

I was reviewing my legal case files and noticed that about half of my clients waited a LONG time before contacting me about their injuries. This is true in car accident cases, fall down injuries, work injuries, you name it. It is alwyas better to talk to an injury lawyer right after an injury so your know “The Rules” and you know your rights and the correct way to proceed, whether you hire a lawyer or not. But as you will see, there is NO DOWNSIDE and lots of good reasons to talk to an injury lawyer right away. There are plenty of reasons that people DO NOT speak with an injury lawyer soon after a crash. One is that they hope that their injuries will get better on their own, and they do not want to make a big deal about it. Some people who are hurt at work are worried that if they report their injury, they will get in trouble at work or lose their job. Some people do not like the idea of being “one of those people” who hire a lawyer and files a law suit. The trouble with delaying speaking with a qualified, experienced personal injury lawyer is that it can hurt your case and make your case harder to prove, and possibly result in a lesser recovery for your injuries. For example, in a fall down case, I like to have a lot of time to investigate the scene, seek out witnesses, get photographs of the scene, and sometimes, consult with my architect/structural engineer witness to make sure that we have considered...

Neck Injury? Do I Have A Case?

Sustaining a neck injury is one of the most frustrating injuries to have, and also one of the most painful and life-altering. Neck injuries are invisible.  There is usually no bruising or bleeding or cuts to see.  But once you have neck pain from a neck injury, you realize for the first time how heavy your head is, and how many times every day you turn your neck. That’s because neck pain get worse every time you move, every time your use your arms, and even when you lay down to try to go to sleep. My clients typically get neck injuries due to car accidents, work accidents, construction accidents and fall down cases.  And the severity and permanence of neck injuries can vary greatly. If you sustain a ‘whiplash’ type of injury to the neck, you are most likely to have a muscle  sprain or strain to the muscles and ligaments in the neck.  These injuries can heal in 8 weeks with proper therapy and medical care.  Or, they can become chronic pain conditions. You can also herniate the ‘shock absorber’ disks in your neck.  The whiplash movement can actually tear the disk and then the disk does not act as a spacer or shock absorber as well any more, and that can cause pressure on the nerves and a lot of pain. Treatment for a herniated or ruptured cervical (neck) disk can include physical therapy, pain medication, and even injections and surgery.  In rare cases, multiple surgeries may be necessary. Finally, a direct blow or trauma to the neck can cause a fracture of the vertebrae (bones)...

Back Injury? Get the Help You Need.

A back injury is one of the most common kinds of injuries people can get in car crashes, fall down accident and injuries at work.  They can range from a temporary tweak to a very serious, debilitating kind of injury which could require multiple surgeries and mean that you may never return to work.  Serious business. But the real danger of a back injury is this:  MOST BACK INJURIES HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACCIDENT. That means that thousands of people who have been involved in a auto accident or a work injury start out with mild tightness and complaints of pain.  The pain and tightness and disability grows over the hours and days after the back injury.  And then, for the more minor injuries, the patient starts to get better, and for the unfortunate people with serious injuries, the pain get worse and worse until it is unbearable and debilitating. Some back injuries involve actual broken bones — fracture of the bony vertebrae.  With this kind of back injury, pain and disability/inability to walk is almost instant after the crash or accident. But the vast majority of back injuries involve the softer, gel-like disks in the back, which are between and cushion the vertebrae. Trauma like an accident, a fall, or a work injury, can result in damage or a tear to these disks, which are nature’s “shock absorbers” for your back.  Once a disk or disks are ruptured or herniated in your back, there are a couple of possibilities. It may mean that after a recovery, you will be pretty much okay, even though you...

Slip And Fall Injury – They Want a Recorded Statement

I have represented a lot of people who have been injured in a slip and fall. In every kind of case, the insurance company wants a recorded statement, whether it is a slip and fall injury or car accident.  No matter the kind of case, they want a recorded statement.  Why? Think about it for a second:  they are already talking to you on the phone.  Why do they need a recorded statement?  They know the basics of what happened? They want a recorded statement in your slip and fall injury case because they want to PIN YOU DOWN.  In other words, they want to get you to commit to a particular sequence of what happened. Then, if you change it later or remember something later, they can say that you are lying and deny your claim. hey also want a recorded statement in your fall down injury case because they are going to ask you LEADING QUESTIONS.  Leading questions are questions where you “lead” the witness into answering the way you want.  These insurance adjusters use outlines created by lawyers.  These are not innocent questions, asked in a neutral way.  They are biased questions meant to lead you into saying something that will hurt your case.  That’s why they always try to get a statement BEFORE you talk to a lawyer.  Good injury lawyers know the tricks and can protect you. I never let my clients give recorded statements, and I tell everyone who calls my office not to give them.  In my experience, they rarely are being used honestly by the insurance company.  They are almost always...
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