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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer – What Is a Mediation?

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer What Is A Mediation? A mediation is similar to a pretrial conference. In other words, it’s an attempt to settle the personal injury case. There are two ways that attorneys attempt to settle the case. They can either do it in direct... Read More

Chicago Truck Accident Attorney – What YOU MUST Know

[vs][/vs] Chicago Injury lawyer Scott DeSalvo reveals the thing you should know if you have been in a truck accident. Knowing this is important because having the right information for your kind of case will help you win your... Read More

Nursing Home Injury Lawyer – Nursing Home Case?

What To Do If You Have A Nursing Home Case Nursing Home Injury Lawyer In this short, informative video, Chicago Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Scott D. DeSalvo answers the question “What Should I Do If I Have A Nursing Home Injury Case? What if It Is a Tough... Read More
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