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What Makes a Great Chicago Auto Accident Attorney?

Car crashes are unfortunately all too common. Most of us have been involved in at least a fender bender. But if you've ever been injured in an accident, you're in need of a Chicago auto accident attorney.

As of September 2017, The Illinois Department of Transportation reported that there have been 652 fatal crashes. Further, about half of those crashes happen in Cook County, with approximately 100-150 fatalities, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

These numbers don't take into account the thousands of injuries produced as a result of these accidents. Recovering physically and financially from an accident injury is challenging to say the least.

If you find yourself in need of a Chicago auto accident attorney, selecting one can be overwhelming. You may end up scheduling consults with several before finding one that is right for you.

Your attorney should not only have a solid reputation and track record, but you'll want one that has the time and resources for your case, not to mention the compassion to understand the emotional and difficult time you are going through.

Here are some characteristics that make a great Chicago auto accident attorney.

You Receive Multiple Referrals For The Same Lawyer

If you know of anyone who has used a Chicago auto accident attorney, ask them for a referral. If there's no one in your immediate family, inquire with coworkers, friends, acquaintances, even other lawyers if you know any.

If you know someone who works in the field of law, such as a divorce attorney or other professions, ask them for a reference.  Many will know some good personal injury lawyers.

Most likely, the same two or three names will come up as you ask around. Write the names down and schedule consultations. Again, you may need to meet several lawyers before making a final decision.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Any personal injury lawyer should have experience with injury cases in the Chicago area specifically. That experience should include trial experience, with large settlements and favorable verdicts.

While it is faster and easier to settle a case out of court, you want a lawyer that is prepared to reach a settlement or ruling that is fair and what you deserve. Oftentimes, that means going to trial, so your attorney should have the experience to aggressively fight for your best interests inside the courtroom.

The Lawyer Has an Excellent Track Record

It's important to know how many cases the firm has settled and how many they have taken to trial, and won, in Chicago. Many cases settle out of court, some law firms have little trial experience. The Chicago auto accident attorney you choose should have solid experience, with high favorable verdict numbers.

While this obviously matters if you end up it court, it's also crucial when negotiating a settlement. After all, if the other party knows the firm representing you is prepared to take it all the way to court, they will be more motivated to settle.

The Firm Specializes in Auto Accident Cases

Like any other professional field, the field of law has specialties. The Chicago auto accident attorney or firm you choose must specialize in car and motorcycle accidents, and personal injury cases in particular.

Your Attorney is Board Certified

It takes years in the courtroom and education to be considered an expert in accident injury law. If you are looking for the best of the best, then look for a board-certified Chicago auto accident attorney.

Your Lawyer Should Listen to You

Your attorney should take the time to listen to you, your story, and especially any questions or concerns you may have. When speaking to you, they should also be able to explain things to you clearly and plainly and save the legal jargon for the documentation and courtroom.

Personality matters in these situations, as you and your lawyer need to work together to achieve the best outcome. Since you're not the legal expert, your attorney should be able to keep your partnership moving in the right direction.

During Your Consultation

Most attorneys offer free consultations, so be sure to interview more than one Chicago auto accident attorney. In fact, interview as many as you need to feel satisfied with your decision.

Your prospective attorney should ask for documentation. So be sure to bring whatever you have that may be pertinent, including any accident or hospital reports, police report, and any communication from the insurance company.

Ask Your Own Questions

During this consultation, ask detailed questions. For example, discuss your accident claim. If the attorney doesn't offer a potential strategy for handling it, ask for one.

You can ask such as questions as:

-How long have you been in practice? What professional organizations are you a part of?

-How do you keep up with new legislation?

-Do you specialize in personal injury? Do you represent mostly defendants or plaintiffs? (You want someone who represents plaintiffs since defendants are more than likely connected to insurance companies.)

-Will you take my case personally or assign it to a junior partner? If so, can I speak to that person as well?

-How many cases like mine have you handled before?

Your Lawyer Ample Resources

Your Chicago auto accident attorney should have enough resources and staff to properly focus on your case. You don't want your case to be shuffled from person to person within the firm.

Your Lawyer Communicates Well

You can ask the attorney what the typical call return time is for communications. If you call with a question, the firm should respond in a timely manner.

A lawyer who can't respond to clients may be understaffed or otherwise not committed to your case. If it takes several days to return a phone call, you lose time and, most importantly, peace of mind while you wait.

If You Need a Chicago Auto Accident Attorney

If you find yourself in need of a solid attorney, the suggestions above will hopefully steer your research. Again, we recommend asking for referrals and interviewing more than one attorney to find the best fit for you and your case.

We hope that the Law Office of Scott D. Salvo is on your list of referrals. Please contact us to set up a consultation.

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Inside, You'll Discover How To:

  • INCREASE Your Chance To WIN Your Injury Case!
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