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“I Got Hurt In An Accident. I Did EVERYTHING the Insurance Company Asked Me To Do And They STILL Denied My Claim!"

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"I have NO MONEY coming in and no money to go to the doctor! Now what am I supposed to do?” 🤬

This is what an injury victim named Alex recently told me.

Many people think that if you'play nice' with insurance companies, they'll treat you fair...


In Alex's case, he did everything they asked: he gave a statement, sent in his medical bills and even signed the papers they wanted.

He thought since he is an honest person, they'd be straight with him...

Unfortunately for Alex (and many other injured people), that’s not the way the world of injury cases and claims works.

Now he is injured, needs to see a doctor, but doesn't have any money. And his stress levels keep going up.

Alex was just about at the end of his rope...

But then, Alex realized KNOWLEDGE is POWER!

Alex got a copy of an Injury "Cheat Sheet" and the information in the Injury "Cheat Sheet" turned things around quick. ⚡️

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Before he knew it, Alex was beating the insurance company at its own game, and he was able to FORCE the insurance company to pay his medical bills and other expenses! 👍🏼

That's because the Secrets in the Injury "Cheat Sheet" aren't known even by many LAWYERS. And insurance companies HATE IT when injured people learn this stuff, because it allows an injured person to have a FIGHTING CHANCE. That's why its so effective. 🔥

The best part is the Injury "Cheat Sheet" is short -- only 4 pages -- and it is written in plain English, not 'lawyer language'.

If you’d like to go ‘behind the scenes’ and discover what Alex learned, I am sharing all the tips and strategies at no cost.

I’ll show you, step by step, the dirty tricks insurance companies play on injured people and how to fight them at their own game; and the Five Secrets you need to know to maximize your chance at a good outcome if you or a loved one got hurt. 🙂

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"Why Should I Trust Scott DeSalvo's Advice?"

"You Feel Like Part of the Family..."

"Scott is a down to earth person and attorney. He will speak to you on a level you understand, not just tell you something and hope you understand him.   Scott got my case settled  with one meeting at the insurance company with an impartial arbitrator, a retired judge of over 35 years, who said Scott's presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen.

I knew the first time I met Scott he was a people person who cared more about his client then what his payday would be. You almost feel like part of the family with him.  

Take my advice, hire Scott I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied I was."

RIchard Lange   //   Cab Driver

"Mr. DeSalvo will always be my lawyer."

“I like Mr. DeSalvo. He is very good with his work and very professional. I knew I had a tough case. I wouldn’t entrust my case with any other lawyer.

I was worried about whether I could be helped physically because I had no health insurance. He resolved my case in a very short time. He is extremely honest with everything.

Mr. DeSalvo will always be my lawyer. I have referred people to his office already, and I tell them the Mr. DeSalvo will get the job done. I feel very good about Mr. DeSalvo’s work on my case.”

Carmen Cummings   //   Importer-Exporter

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