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“A family member referred me to Mr. DeSalvo. I came to his office and he was very nice and very caring. Right away, it seemed like he could get the job done for me. So I hired him and it worked out just fine. My son and I were hurt when we were hit by a car while crossing the street in the crosswalk. I was really worried about me and my son getting our bills paid and being treated fairly. I have never had a law case before, so I was pretty worried about how long it would take and whether my son and I would be protected.

He did a Master job—he was great from the beginning to the end and was great with every question I had and because I could tell he cared, I felt like everything would be okay. He told me not to worry. When he talked to me and explained everything all the worry went away.

He has very friendly people in his office, and he really made me feel at home whenever I went over there. I have no complaints at all. He had my back and everything worked out great. He is a great person besides being a great and skilled lawyer. He will take care of you like he took care of me and my son. Thanks for everything Mr. DeSalvo – I hope we meet again in the future!”

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