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“I had another lawyer on my case but he wasn’t doing or couldn’t do anything as he said, so I searched for another lawyer and found Mr DeSalvo. I was worried because of the Statute of Limitations and my other attorney took 4 years to tell us nothing. Mr. DeSalvo was courteous and explained the depths of the case as well as the possibilities.He was a man of his word, and he was really there for my daughter. He took care of the best interest of my child. He is direct and to the point. He knows what he is doing. And he works totally for his clients. He stands by what he says, does, and means every word. He is a good man and attorney. Thank You Mr. DeSalvo for taking care of my and my daughter’s best interests. I am totally satisfied and so is my daughter. We can finally put this behind us and move on. My daughter thanks you very, very much, too!

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