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“I met Mr. DeSalvo when he was calling my medical office trying to get help for one of his clients. He was very sincere and he really cares about his clients. That’s why I hired him. Since then, Mr. DeSalvo has helped my family with two cases. He goes the extra step for you and makes you feel like a friend, not just a “client.”In one of the cases, I brought a case to him last minute. After he hung up with me, he called the insurance company, and within 30 minutes, LITERALLY, he had gotten me a very generous settlement–no court costs. He really went out of his way to help me, and never makes you feel like “you should have known that” attitude that you get with a lot of other attorneys. Working with Mr. DeSalvo has been a very nice experience. I will ALWAYS refer people who need a lawyer to him. He’s the best!”

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