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“Mr. DeSalvo has a lot of care in him about people. I didn’t worry about anything because once I talked to Mr. DeSalvo, he made me know my worries were over. He really lets you know he is on your side. He made sure I was comfortable and he answered all of my questions. He talked to me on the telephone. He didn’t push me off on someone else. He has a big, wonderful heart! My case was a success, and I would refer a friend or loved one to him from now until forever!

It is not all about how much money I recovered. Mr. DeSalvo is one of a kind. Other attorneys once they get your case, they don’t have time to talk and make you feel like you need them but your case means nothing to them. There should be more like Mr. DeSalvo! I thank him because he really is on the client’s side!”

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