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Mr. DeSalvo was very open and honest with me, so I felt confident in hiring him. I was worried about how much of a settlement I could get, and how long I would have to wait. He’s different than
other lawyers I have used in the past. Frankly, I do not like most lawyers and I think that some of them lie, they do not return phone calls, they are rude, harsh, and some have no business practicing law. Mr. DeSalvo got straight to the point on how severe my injuries were and what they were worth as far as what insurance companies pay for injuries. He was quick, he got me the maximum for my injuries, and he was always truthful. I was secure in what he told me about my case. And secure with him fighting for me as my attorney. He doesn’t hustle you, he is sincere and truthful, and he didn’t mind me asking him a million questions. I refer all of my friends and family members to him because he is a true professional.

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