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Mr. Scott D. DeSalvo is an Attorney that you will not regret you hired. He is very knowledgeable on the law and many other things.

When you speak with Mr. DeSalvo you will automatically get a comfortable feeling that he’s on your side. He is not the type of Attorney once you sign him on then will ignore you. I had the pleasure of Mr. DeSalvo being my Attorney on two different occasions, and there was never a time rather I call his direct extension or left a message with his secretary that he didn’t get back with me in a prompt matter.

The first time Mr. DeSalvo handle my case he explains the case to me and answered my entire questions so i can understand. When I left his office I felt that I was able to trust that he would do the right thing in my case. After a couple of months the settlement that I received I was more than satisfied.

The Second time I found myself needing an Attorney Mr. DeSalvo recommended me with a different Attorney that he knew. That case had ended two years later, and I wasn’t satisfied with the settlement of the case, after which I spoke to Mr. DeSalvo he inform me not to sign the paperwork and for me to send everything to him, and told me he will contact me soon. After a few weeks, Mr. DeSalvo calls me with a settlement that I was more than happy with. I was very impressed that Mr. DeSalvo felt that since he recommended me to someone who I felt didn’t put their best foot forward with my case and that he felt obligated to go back in to renegotiate my case to get me a higher settlement. I thought that showed a lot about his character. Mr. DeSalvo is truly a stand up type of Attorney who will go above and beyond to fight for his clients. Mr. DeSalvo show so much passion in his work. When I ask the question why he became an Attorney he told me about a situation that happens to a family member years ago, but I will let him tell you about that, and you will then understand why he put so much passion in the work that he does. I recently recommended a family member to Mr. DeSalvo, and I have no doubt in my mind that my family member will be pleased with the outcome of his case.

P.S. – Mr. DeSalvo also has a couple of self-help books that I utilized, and help me with my credit the other book I read helped me to understand better how the law work. Just to mention a couple.
1. Fix your credit and finances (with or without Bankruptcy)
2. The five biggest secrets (of Illinois injury cases and claims)

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