Last Updated: August 19, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo recalled the relationship with Real Madrid and its fans through a letter published on social networks. The forward denies a rapprochement with the whites

In Spain they assured that Cristiano Ronaldo can return to Real Madrid . But it has not been the only rumor, in Italy, where the player currently resides, they claimed that the crack was offered to Manchester City. It has also sounded that the Portuguese is an option for PSG in case Kylian Mbappé goes to the ‘White House’.

So, faced with the amount of speculation circulating in the media, the current Juventus footballer spoke out through social networks. CR7’s message is intended to refute everything that is said about the future of the star and also asks for respect for the frivolous use of his name in linking with more than one entity.

“Anyone who knows me knows how focused I am on my work. Less talk and more action, this has been my guiding motto since the beginning of my career. However, in view of everything that has been said and written recently, I have to state my position, ” Cristiano Ronaldo begins on Instagram.

The historic Real Madrid striker continued: “More than the lack of respect for me as a man and as a player, the frivolous way my future is covered in the media is a lack of respect for all the clubs involved in these rumors , as well. as well as its players and staff ” , he stated in an extensive letter.

Right away, Cristiano Ronaldo remembered everything he achieved in nine years with the Real Madrid shirt. From this, the Portuguese mentioned the great relationship with the fans and, in this way, he ruled out that there is any chance of returning to the Santiago Bernabéu, from where he moved to Turin to play for ‘Juve’.

“My history at Real Madrid is written … And beyond what I achieved, I remember that in those nine years I had a relationship of deep affection and respect for the” merengue fans “, a love and respect that I retain to this day , and that I will always appreciate. I know that the true fans of Real Madrid will continue to have me in their hearts and I will have them in mine ” , he explained.

That said, the 36-year-old continued his defense against the rumors: “In addition to this most recent episode in Spain, there have been frequent news and stories that associate me with various clubs in many different leagues, with no one ever worrying about try to discover the real truth , “he said.

“ I am breaking my silence now to say that I cannot allow people to continue playing with my name . I stay focused on my career and work, committed and prepared for all the challenges I have to face. Everything else? Everything else is just words, “ concluded Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a contract with Juventus until mid-2022. I can’t wait for the next game to try out online betting.

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