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Personal Injury

  • What is a personal injury lawyer ?

  • why do i need one ?

  • how to find the best personal injury lawyer ?

  • how much does it cost ?

  • what percentage does a personal injury lawyer take ?

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who has dedicated his or her legal career to helping injured people. They go to college, then law school. Then, their real education as an injury lawyer begins.

It isn't until a lawyer has years of experience handling cases and going to Court that a lawyer is truly ready to help injured people. A top personal injury lawyer in Chicago can get your bills paid, and make sure you get your lost wages paid. And we should not forget that at the end of the case, you deserve to be compensated for having to experience the ordeal of being injured in an accident and the permanent parts of the injury that follow you around for the rest of your life.

In my case, I have specialized training as a Personal Injury Lawyer. I have handled thousands of injury cases of every kind and have helped to recover millions for my clients, and I can probably help you. This includes being a graduate of the prestigious "Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College" and the exclusive "KTI The Edge" trial lawyer Colleges. Not one in 100,000 lawyers have the training and experience I have.

And I did it for one reason: to make sure YOU get the absolute best in your case. Every dollar the law allows, no matter how you or your loved one got hurt.

There is one particular injury lawyer I'd like you to call.  I'll let you guess who that it.  (Yes, that's my sense of humor creeping in.)

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What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases and Injuries Do You Work On?

The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC is a Personal Injury law firm of Chicago personal injury lawyers handling all kinds of injury and accident cases. All Chicago law firms want large, easy to win cases, but large or small, we handle them all. This stems from partner and owner Scott DeSalvo’s commitment to the ethics of serving the community, and the firm belief that once a client works with us, even on a small case, they will know that they are working with a top, serious minded best Chicago personal injury lawyer who has assembled a team 100% dedicated to client satisfaction.

If you have questions, or think you might have a case or claim, please feel free to call us any time, any day, at our toll-free 24 hour telephone line at 312-500-4500. The call and consultation are always 100% free and no obligation.

Please realize that we are here to help, whether you have a viable case or not. Feel free to call. 

We have handled thousands of injury cases of all types and recovered millions for our clients, and we can probably help you.

Here are just some of the most common kinds of cases our Chicago personal injury lawyers help helps folks with.

We are the personal injury attorney near me that will fight for you and your case. Call us today!

Neck Injury

These can be some of the most painful, long term and frustrating consequences of a large corporation’s negligence. They can range from temporary whiplash all the way up to the need for serious neck injections, surgery, and can even result in permanent injury and paralysis. And the thing is, in the beginning, a neck injury can seem like it might go away. I tell people who get hurt with a neck injury two things: first, see a doctor; next, talk to a Chicago injury attorney for a free consultation.

Serious Injury and Death

Crippling or killing your loved one is something that is unforgivable to most. Your best bet is to hire a Chicago personal injury attorney with compassion, experience, and willingness to help you and your family through the trauma of a lifetime. You do not have to do this by yourself. We can help.

Shoulder Injuries

You never realize how much you use both hands then when you have a shoulder injury. Not being to lift your arm or use your hand while dressing, working or caring for children introduces you to a new world of frustration. From torn rotator cuffs to nagging sprains to broken bones, a good Chicago injury lawyer knows how to help you. Feel free to give us a ring or send an email.

Pedestrian Accident

The human body is not meant to withstand an impact with a car, truck, motorcycle, or even bicycle. These are some of the most dangerous kinds of crashes for people who are hit in a pedestrian accident. These injuries can sometimes be minor but are often quite serious. Educate yourself if you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian injury where they got hit by a car.

Emotional or Psychiatric Injuries

While such injuries have become more accepted, handling cases with these injuries are delicate. The lawyer must balance protecting the client from further harm with having to prove the case. Early preparation is key, and only a Chicago injury lawyer with compassion and experience can give you your best shot. Some jurors are sure to be skeptical, so you need to put your best foot forward and retain a lawyer in Chicago with the skills to handle this.

Brain Injury/TBI

The brain is truly the seat of our souls. A blow to the head, or even a violent movement of the body, can cause brain trauma in what is called a ‘coup-counter-coup’ injury. Sometimes, there is very little evidence on MRI, and sometimes, a blow to the head can result in a subdural hematoma or a skull fracture. No matter the kind of brain injury your doctor has diagnosed, you need a lawyer who will take it seriously and do the work to prove it for you.

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Even if you are not ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created a FREE INJURY "CHEAT SHEET" for you for free and no obligtion. The Injury "Cheat Sheet" is easy to read, only 4 pages long, but explains your rights!

Read what our clients think about us

Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life. Scott is a down to earth person and attorney. Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff. The Judge said his presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen. Take my advice, hire Scott I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied I was.

Richard Lange

Cab Driver, Fall Down


Scott not only cares about the case, but he truly cares about his clients and that makes him the best lawyer I have ever met and hired!

He won my case! He is thorough in everything he does. I highly recommend Scott, and will always refer him to family and friends.

Geannine Rowe

Hair Stylist, Car Crash


I hired Scott DeSalvo upon a friend’s recommendation. His office kept me informed of developments as they happened, and I felt the settlement reached was fair considering my injuries. I would highly recommend Scott DeSalvo to represent your personal injury case.

Lisa Hibbard

Car Versus Pedestrian


Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers
Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo

After you are involved in an accident, you may feel overwhelmed and be in a state of shock. If you’ve been injured, you may not know what to do or where to turn. Regardless of the severity of the accident, the pain you suffer and any uncertainty you may feel may be too stressful. It doesn’t matter what kind of accident it was or where it happened, we are by your side. If you’ve been injured in an accident in Illinois, we offer the help you need. Whether you have a case or not, you deserve answers to your questions and some peace of mind.

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  • Injury DVD and Book For All Callers Which Explains the Secrets of Injury Cases (How They Really Work).
  • 100% Honesty and Great Communication, You Understand What Is Happening Every Step of The Way.
  • Approaching Second Decade Of Practice Dedicated To Helping The Wrongfully Injured.
  • Thousands of Cases Handled, Millions Recovered For Clients.
  • Son of A Disabled Truck Driver and Victim of Medical Malpractice, Takes YOUR Case Personally.
  • All Kinds of Injury Cases and Claims.
  • Actual Trial Lawyer Who Takes Cases to Court.
  • Member In Good Standing: Illinois Trial Lawyer Association; Illinois State Bar Association; Chicago Bar Association; Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association.
  • Treats Clients Like Friends, Will Fight To The End.

Contact us 24 hours a day at our toll-free number, 312-500-4500 to get a free DVD and book which explains your rights, or call us to speak with a lawyer right away. The call is free, the consultation is free, but the peace of mind of having your questions answered is priceless.

Why Hire DeSalvo As Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

When I was 9 years old, my father, a Truck Driver and a Teamster, was severely hurt at work. He was still a young man at the time. But that injury took everything from him. The injuries to his neck, back and spine were permanent and they changed his life forever. He was never the same.

After being hurt, he hired the wrong personal injury law firm to handle his case. They were rude to him, didn’t explain things, and did not pursue his third party case — leaving money on the table without explaining it to him. His case went on for 17 years, and it ended in a fee dispute with his old personal injury lawyer. The injury lawyer wanted more of my father’s settlement money. (Find out more here.)

Chicago Injury Lawyer Dedicated to Victims of Personal Injury

We grew up poor, once my Father could no longer work. My father had to wait 17 years for his case to end.

So I worked during high school and put myself through college and law school so that what happened to my family NEVER happens to YOU or YOUR FAMILY. And I have dedicated my personal injury law firm to helping normal people like me, my family, and YOU, and YOUR FAMILY, so victims of personal injury do not get worked over by the legal system, rich insurance companies and lawyers who only think of themselves.

Chicago Injury Lawyer Promise: Your Fight is My Fight

I only represent injured people, NEVER Defense or Insurance companies, and I even take the tougher cases other lawyers turn their noses up at. That’s because I have not just dedicated my injury law firm, but my very life, to representing injured people who otherwise would be acting without the information and help they need after being hurt at work, in a car crash, or no matter how they suffered an injury.

I spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours every year, (more than any other lawyer I know, and far more than I am required to) flying across the country, learning the latest trial and case strategy techniques with one goal in mind: doing whatever it takes to give you the best legal representation you can find anywhere.

And check out my reviews. My personal injury clients know that I treat everyone with respect and take the time to make sure your concerns are addressed every step of the way after an injury. I am so committed to helping and educating people who have suffered personal injury that I wrote an “Injury Book and DVD“ entitled “The Five Secrets of Injury and Accident Cases” which explains and shows you how personal injury cases work, and I give it away FOR FREE to anyone who wants it, at my expense.

Your fight is my fight. You can count on my team to help you in your time of need. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve. I will fight for your rights.

Get A FREE...

"The Ultimate Guide To Car Accident Injury In Illinois"!

No matter how your motor vehicle injury happened -- car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, you name it -- The "Ultimate Guide" is a COMPLETE resource for injured people. It is written for non-lawyers and gives you the full picture and EVERYTHING you need to know about car accidents, truck crashes...all kinds of motor vehicle crashes.

And you can get it right now, for free (downloadable, too).


How to find the best Personal Injury Lawyer near me ?

Lots of people want a "personal injury lawyer near me". Or at least they think that they do.

It makes sense, because a "personal injury lawyer near me" is going to be close by and easy to visit. Right?

That's true to an extent. But we really do live in the computer age. People do far more business on the computer, via email, telephone and even Zoom meetings. Personal injury law is not an exception.

You do not have to be good on a computer to be my client. We use mail and the telephone and face to face meetings. We do whatever makes our clients most comfortable, and we are happy to do it.

My office is located at 200 N LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. LaSalle Street is the world famous "Lawyer's Row" in Chicago where all of the serious and big top personal injury lawyers have offices.

Why are we all downtown?

My office is across the street from the Workers Compensation Commission and the Courthouse. That's because although we settle about 90% of our cases quickly for our clients, we also go to Court.

You are going to want a lawyer who the insurance companies know can afford the expensive rent downtown. And who is ready, willing and able to fight and go to Court on your injury case if there are any problems.

Of course, I visit my clients all over Chicago and the suburbs. We can meet at your home or at a local restaurant. Really, anywhere you feel comfortable.

It is a good idea to talk to one of the best personal injury lawyers who have offices downtown.

If I can answer any questions, I am happy to do it for free.

How much does a Personal Injury Lawyer cost ?

There are many reason to hire me. First, and foremost, I'm here to fight for you. How much does a personal injury lawyer cost should be thought of in a different way. How much risk do I have hiring me? The answer is zero, and I win nearly all the cases I take on. Here are some insight for you to make an educated decision:

The best part of thinking about talking to a personal injury attorney is that it is free. Consultations with me are always free.

I also make it relaxed and zero pressure. I never chase clients. I never hustle and harass people. We talk like friends.

Hiring a lawyer is your choice, and you should always work with the best personal injury lawyer who you like and trust. Never go with the high sales guys.

They might be desperate for a case. And if they put pressure on you or act like a jerk, is that the lawyer you want to work with?

Even better news: personal injury lawyers work on a 'contingency fee'. That means there is no charge until we win your case.

I win virtually all of my cases, but in case we do not, you do not pay me a penny. If I do not win your case, you do not pay me any attorney fee at all.

What percentage does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take ?

In Workers Comp cases, my fee is the State set 20% and in Personal Injury cases it is between 33 1/3% or 40% if we have to go to Court or trial. These are standard rates. Medical Malpractice cases are set at 33 1/3%.

I even advance case costs. In other words, the cost of getting your medical records, the cost of filing a law suit or paying your doctors for their depositions. Things like that.

All of that is advanced by me. This way, you never have any put of pocket costs to work with a personal injury lawyer.

In fact, you never pay out of pocket. I only get paid if you get paid first.

Pretty good deal, right?

There is one particular injury lawyer I'd like you to call. I'll let you guess who that it. (Yes, that's my sense of humor creeping in.)