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The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) runs all of the buses and trains in Chicago (other than Metra).  Their budget and staffing cutbacks means that a lot of people get hurt on the CTA or injured on the CTA.  If you or a loved one has been in a crash involving the CTA, you have found the right place, where you can learn how these cases work.  

Bus Crash?  Train Accident? If you Had a CTA Accident, You Are In The Right Place.

A CTA accident can mean a bus crash, a train crash or even a fall on CTA property.  If you get injured ona bus hurt on a train or have an accident on CTA property, then you have a CTA accident case.

Injured people want to know that their bills will be paid. They want to know if they have a good case or a bad case.  They want to know what their CTA accident injury might be worth.

Some people, especially people who got hurt on the CTA that are searching for a CTA accident lawyer, usually want information and answers without talking to a lawyer. At least at first. The purpose of this page is to give you information and tools so you get immediate answers to your questions.  But also, to let you know that if you had a bus accident or train accident or any kind of injury on the CTA, I am here for you to give you a free consultation.

"I Want To Know The Value of My CTA Accident Case.  How Can I Calculate My CTA Injury Case Value Without Talking To A Lawyer?"

I have you covered.  Use my Injury Case Settlement Value Calculator.  it is below, it is free, and it gives you an answer in 15 seconds or less.  No talking to anyone, just a free tool.

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No problem.  I have a TON of great information about car crashes and car accidents below.  All 100% free.

Three Quick Tips

If you were in a bus accident or got hurt on a train or had any kind of CTA accident, here's 3 quick "must know"  tips.

First you have a ONE YEAR deadline to file a law suit.

Most cases have a 2 year deadline.  So act quickly if you got hurt on the CTA.

Second, make sure there is a police report.

If you were on a bus or train that had a crash, make sure you are on the police report.  And if you can get the police report number, it really helps us move your case to settlement quickly.

Third, do not delay seeing a doctor.

If you are hurt do not delay.  Most doctors will treat on a "lien" -- meansing that will give you medical care and be paid out of your case settlement.  SO do not let a lack of health insurance or extra cash stop you from getting checked out.


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This is where anyone who has been hurt on a CTA bus or injured on a CTA train or on CTA property should start.  It contains the foundational articles and info that all people hurt by the CTA should know.

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All CTA Accident and CTA Injury Articles

This is my complete collection of articles and information on CTA accidents and for anyone who has been hurt on the CTA.  No matter whether you fell down on CTA property, were injured on the CTA as a pasenger on a bus or train, or whether you were struck by a CTA vehicle and got hurt, there is great information for you here. I truly hope this information helps you.

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