"The Absolute Best Injury Client Reviews"

I get the best reviews from my injury clients because I and my entire team have the best relationship with my clients.  We put clients first, and my clients appreciate it.  Are YOU Ready to "Like Your Lawyer"?

Finally had someone on my side who could be there to fight for me!

“Scott, Thank You so much for helping me last week! I saw you there for me, and a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt like I finally had someone on my side who could be there to fight for me. You went so extraordinarily out of your way that I am having a little trouble expressing what it meant to me. Again, Thank You!”

Sue Nika

School teacher, Chicago, Illinois

Great lawyer and better friend!

“Scott: Thanks for everything! You are a really great lawyer and an even better friend!”

Joe and Anne Galvan

Graphic Artist and Sales Representative, Chicago, Illinois

Appreciation and gratitude!

“Dear Mr. DeSalvo: My mother and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us! We can’t begin to express our appreciation and gratitude enough!

Lynette and Mae Tucker

Chicago, Illinois

Wouldn't trust my case with any other lawyer!

“I like Mr. DeSalvo. He is very good with his work and very professional. I knew I had a tough case. I wouldn’t entrust my case with any other lawyer.

I was worried about whether I could be helped physically because I had no health insurance. Mr. DeSalvo is one you can trust. He uses strategic ways of resolving a case and he knows just how to handle it on a case by case situation. He resolved my case in a very short time. He is extremely honest with everything.

Mr. DeSalvo will always be my lawyer. I have referred people to his office already, and I tell them the Mr. DeSalvo will get the job done. I feel very good about Mr. DeSalvo’s work on my case.”

Carmen Cummings

Import/Export and Building Management, Chicago, Illinois

He did the research and we won!

“Mr. DeSalvo takes the time to actually review the case and he helped comfort us. I didn’t think that we would be compensated. But he did the research, helped make us feel comfortable with the process and we won. He really helped us. Once Mr. DeSalvo was on the case, I felt very comfortable and I was sure that we would win. He is a great lawyer! Thanks, Mr. DeSalvo!”

Belinda Brickhouse

Disabled, Chicago, Illinois

He always returned my calls!

“I was referred to Mr. DeSalvo by a friend. I Was worried that the other guy had no insurance coverage, but Mr. DeSalvo made me feel at ease and was easy to understand the way he explained things. Overall, working with Mr. DeSalvo was great!”

Dennis Bouwsma

Maintenance Man, Homer Glen, Illinois

Courteous and helpful!

“I have had less than good (terrible) experiences with lawyers. But Mr. DeSalvo was courteous and helpful.He made me feel fairly optimistic about my case even though other lawyers who handled it before wanted to charge me for doing nothing on my case. Mr. DeSalvo did whatever it took to settle my case and finally got the settlement after a long delay with Medicare. He pursued my case instead of sitting on it. Injury victims should really read your literature.”

Joyce Peterson

Retired/Disabled, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Desalvo is different!

“I ordered Mr. DeSalvo’s CD and read his materials I ordered from his advertisement. I talked to other lawyers but they scolded me like I was their kid. I am a native of St. Louis Missouri, so I didn’t know any lawyers in Illinois. Mr. DeSalvo is different. He interviews his client until they both have a good understanding. He gave me choices to make, and explained how the Court system works. I met all of Mr. DeSalvo’s staff and they work hard and they work long hours and their work is never done! Mr. DeSalvo picked what was best since it was a small case. I would recommend your law firm!

Denise Anderson-Harris

Security Officer, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for all the work you did!

“Dear Scott: I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for all the work you did on my case. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I can who might need legal advice.

Michelle Benedicta

Editor, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

I feel great!

“My Mom recommended Mr. DeSalvo to me. I wanted to be sure that everything was done in my case in a timely manner. He worked on my case and made sure my legal problems were taken care of. He handled my case fast, he was patient with me, and he was honest. Mr. DeSalvo is down to earth and I am glad that the case is over so I have closure. I feel great about the whole experience.

Julius Spearman

Drugstore Clerk, Chicago, Illinois

I Was 200% Satisfied!

"Mr. DeSalvo took my case even though I brought it to him right before the case was about to expire. He reviewed the case right away and took it to Court.

He is different from other lawyers because he keeps me in touch about my case, tells me what I need to do, and tells me what he is doing on my case. With him handling my case, I felt confident and relaxed.”

Guy Oppedisano


Open, Honest and Truthful.

"I hired Mr. DeSalvo because I trusted him to handle my case with professionalism. Before I knew about Mr. DeSalvo, years ago, I suffered a very severe injury and hired a lawyer that a friend suggested. The case could not have been handled any worse than it was by this other lawyer. While I am angry and frustrated that I had another injury, I like Mr. DeSalvo's good attitude and he makes you feel at ease. He handle everything perfectly and recovered the money I deserved.”

Erin Riley-Benson


Keeps In Touch With Me.

"A friend of mine referred me to Mr. DeSalvo, and when I spoke with him over the telephone, he seemed like he was very straight up. He kept me informed and gave me his opinion on the case, but he let me make my own decision.

He made me feel very confident about my case. I would refer a friend or family member who needed a lawyer to him.”

Vanisha Jamison

Store Manager

Makes You Feel At Ease.

"I hired Mr. DeSalvo instead of another lawyer because of his honesty and willingness to help. I never felt like I was bothering him with my questions and worries. He explained things real good and made sure I understood all the answers to my questions. My biggest worry about my wife's injury was getting lost in the rush of everything that was going on. Mr. DeSalvo was always there to watch over our best interests. He gave me the peace of mind that he is there for us 24/7. We had a problem at the hospital concerning care for my wife because the doctors were not keeping us informed. One call to Mr. DeSalvo and he was at our side at the hospital. He could have made a phone call, but instead, he came to the hospital to help us with the problem when we needed him most. He was always there for us.”

Loren Brooks

Truck Driver

Made Me Feel Confident.

"Mr. DeSalvo is a very fair lawyer. When I hired him, my number one concern was the insurance company paying me for the time I lost from work because of my injury. Mr. DeSalvo helped me get the money I deserved

I would refer a friend or family member to him any time because I like him as a person and a lawyer.

Dorothy Hamilton

Security Guard

Good Settlement, Even On A Tough Case...

"I was worried about getting paid for my time lost from work injury when I hired Mr. DeSalvo.  He explains the legal system in plain English and explains your options in the case before he takes any action.

The insurance company denied my case from the beginning and did not want to pay anything. Mr. DeSalvo got them to pay and was able to settle my case quickly and got me a fair settlement, even though it was a tough case.

I really feel like I got the best possible settlement we could. I send all of my friends and family to Mr. DeSalvo because he works hard to get you your fair share for an injury.”

John Czaplewski

Industrial Machine Repairman

Got Me The Money I Deserved!

"I met Mr. DeSalvo when he was calling my medical office trying to get help for one of his clients. He was very sincere and he really cares about his clients. That's why I hired him. Since then, Mr. DeSalvo has helped my family with two cases. He goes the extra step for you and makes you feel like a friend, not just a "client." In one of the cases, I brought a case to him last minute.

After he hung up with me, he called the insurance company, and within 30 minutes, LITERALLY, he had gotten me a very generous settlement-no court costs. He really went out of his way to help me, and never makes you feel like "you should have known that" attitude that you get with a lot of other attorneys. Working with Mr. DeSalvo has been a very nice experience. I will ALWAYS refer people who need a lawyer to him. He's the best!”

Tina Lunau

Medical Office Supervisor

Wasn't afraid to go to court to prove the point!

“I had a lawyer before I hired Mr. DeSalvo, but I fired him because the other lawyer wasn’t “into” into my case. So I was looking for a new lawyer and then I spoke to Mr. DeSalvo about my injury and what could be done, and I’m glad I had him as my lawyer. I was concerned about making sure that the young lady did not get away with hitting my car and causing injuries to myself and to know she was not right. Mr. DeSalvo cares, and he is there for the little man, so that the little man can stand tall. He put in a lot of time and he wasn’t afraid to go to Court to prove the point. He was confident and wouldn’t quit until the last word was said. He cared about me and my case. He’s good. He’s a good lawyer and I‘m glad I had the chance to meet him.

Dennis Brown

Forklift Operator, Chicago, Illinois

I could feel his concern from the very beginning!

“I had an attorney before Mr. DeSalvo. The day before the trial in my case, the other lawyer dismissed my case, claiming that he and I had ‘irreconcilable differences’ of which I knew nothing about. I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I met Mr. DeSalvo. I could feel his concern from the very beginning. My case was a mess, and Scott said “Sharon, I’ll do my best” and he always kept in touch with me. I encounter attorneys all day in my job, and a lot of them are just nasty. If you hire Mr. DeSalvo, you have an attorney that will be concerned about you, that knows how to respect you, and I believe does his best to resolve the case for you as fast as possible. Overall, I Thank God for introducing me to Scott. He is one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met, and is also is always professional.”

Sharon Scott

Sales Associate Chicago, Illinois

5 star first class act!

I found Scott by looking on the internet. I compared what his website said with 4 other attorneys sites and decided he was the best fit for me. One of the best moves I have made in my life.

Scott is a down to earth person and attorney. He will speak to you on a level you understand, not just tell you something and hope you understand him. When talking to him you both know and understand what he said. I was out of work because of the incident of my fall and it looked like a long haul case because of the insurance companies dallying.

Scott got my case settled 4 days short of two years with one meeting at the insurance company with an impartial arbitrator, a retired judge of over 35 years, who said Scotts presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen.

Also on 12/23/13 our oldest son died unexpectedly and had no insurance. Scott hooked me up with a loan company that cut me a check on Christmas Eve day so I could give our son a decent burial. Without Scotts help my son might have ended up in the Potters Field.

I knew the first time I met Scott he was a people person who cared more about his client then what his payday would be. You almost feel like part of the family with him. Last and not least I like to read and study about the law and I feel honored to have watched Scott as he presented my case to the arbitraitor, it was like watching a classic symphony being composed or a fine piece of artwork being painted. I have two other family members at his firm at this time who took my advice and hired Scott.

If you have a personal injury case and pass on Scott D. DeSalvo you have done yourself a total injustice because Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff. I’m surprised he isn’t with a big firm that’s how good and impressed with Scott I was. Take my advice, hire Scott I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied I was.

Richard Lange

Taxicab Driver Chicago, Illinois

Truly a stand up type of lawyer

Mr. Scott D. DeSalvo is an Attorney that you will not regret you hired. He is very knowledgeable on the law and many other things.

When you speak with Mr. DeSalvo you will automatically get a comfortable feeling that he’s on your side. He is not the type of Attorney once you sign him on then will ignore you. I had the pleasure of Mr. DeSalvo being my Attorney on two different occasions, and there was never a time rather I call his direct extension or left a message with his secretary that he didn’t get back with me in a prompt matter.

The first time Mr. DeSalvo handle my case he explains the case to me and answered my entire questions so i can understand. When I left his office I felt that I was able to trust that he would do the right thing in my case. After a couple of months the settlement that I received I was more than satisfied.

The Second time I found myself needing an Attorney Mr. DeSalvo recommended me with a different Attorney that he knew. That case had ended two years later, and I wasn’t satisfied with the settlement of the case, after which I spoke to Mr. DeSalvo he inform me not to sign the paperwork and for me to send everything to him, and told me he will contact me soon. After a few weeks, Mr. DeSalvo calls me with a settlement that I was more than happy with. I was very impressed that Mr. DeSalvo felt that since he recommended me to someone who I felt didn’t put their best foot forward with my case and that he felt obligated to go back in to renegotiate my case to get me a higher settlement. I thought that showed a lot about his character. Mr. DeSalvo is truly a stand up type of Attorney who will go above and beyond to fight for his clients. Mr. DeSalvo show so much passion in his work. When I ask the question why he became an Attorney he told me about a situation that happens to a family member years ago, but I will let him tell you about that, and you will then understand why he put so much passion in the work that he does. I recently recommended a family member to Mr. DeSalvo, and I have no doubt in my mind that my family member will be pleased with the outcome of his case.

P.S. – Mr. DeSalvo also has a couple of self-help books that I utilized, and help me with my credit the other book I read helped me to understand better how the law work. Just to mention a couple.
1. Fix your credit and finances (with or without Bankruptcy)
2. The five biggest secrets (of Illinois injury cases and claims)

Vivica Hayes

Book keeper Burbank, IL

Scott went above and beyond

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My brother, who is developmentally disabled, suffered an injury due to an accident. Scott and his staff went above and beyond in helping him recover. Many attorneys would have turned us away due to my brother’s disability, Scott did not.

I would recommend Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo to others!

Katrina Spence-Smock

Lawyer Chicago, Illinois

Cares about the case and the client

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My name is Geannine and I was in a car accident back in 2005. A neighbor referred me to Scott DeSalvo, and honestly, I was scared and confused with all that was happening to me. I didn’t know what to do.

After giving it some thought, I decided to give him a call. He was so patient and understanding with me. I decided to go ahead and proceed with him and I am so glad I did. Scott not only cares about the case, but he truly cares about his clients and that makes him the best lawyer I have ever met and hired! I had to deal with so much regarding my health, and the case in general. I really don’t think I would have gotten through it all without him. In case you are wondering, he did win my case! He is thorough in everything he does. I highly recommend Scott, and will always refer him to family and friends. Please give him a call!!

Geannine Rowe

Hairdresser Cystal Lake, IL

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much for everything.  I really appreciate all your hard work and your obvious care and love for your clients.

I will definitely refer my family, friends and acquaintances to you.  Thank you for all your help.  Thank you for being a positive influencein our community.

Beatriz Rodriguez

Patient Food Reresentative

Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

"I hired Mr. DeSalvo because he is an attorney who really cares about his clients, and he takes the extra effort to makes sure the client is cared for in every possible way for the best results in their case. He gets the job done right, he's fast, and he does quality work.

I have been pleased with Mr. DeSalvo because he has exemplified Honesty, Integrity, and Trust. He went to work immediately on my case, making calls, and following up on every detail, and resolving my case in several weeks. I really felt satisfied, educated, and helped."

Leroy Bowers

Construction Worker

Wonderful Lawyer Doing a Wonderful Job!

"When I was considering lawyers, Mr. DeSalvo seemed to know a lot more and told me a lot more than others did. I hired him.

He got me a good settlement amount quick. He is fast, and always let me know about things. He made me feel very good about my case. He had faith in me and my case even when I didn't. He is a wonderful lawyer doing a wonderful job.”

Cynthia Outler


Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

"Mr. DeSalvo was very open and honest with me, so I felt confident in hiring him. I was worried about how much of a settlement I could get, and how long I would have to wait.

He's different than other lawyers I have used in the past. Frankly, I do not like most lawyers and I think that some of them lie, they do not return phone calls, they are rude, harsh, and some have no business practicing law.

Mr. DeSalvo got straight to the point on how severe my injuries were and what they were worth as far as what insurance companies pay for injuries. He was quick, he got me the maximum for my injuries, and he was always truthful. I was secure in what he told me about my case. And secure with him fighting for me as my attorney.

He doesn't hustle you, he is sincere and truthful, and he didn't mind me asking him a million questions. I refer all of my friends and family members to him because he is a true professional.

Steve Parson


One of a kind!

“Mr. DeSalvo has a lot of care in him about people. I didn’t worry about anything because once I talked to Mr. DeSalvo, he made me know my worries were over. He really lets you know he is on your side. He made sure I was comfortable and he answered all of my questions. He talked to me on the telephone. He didn’t push me off on someone else. He has a big, wonderful heart! My case was a success, and I would refer a friend or loved one to him from now until forever!

It is not all about how much money I recovered. Mr. DeSalvo is one of a kind. Other attorneys once they get your case, they don’t have time to talk and make you feel like you need them but your case means nothing to them. There should be more like Mr. DeSalvo! I thank him because he really is on the client’s side!”

Teresa Martin

Cosmetology, Chicago, Illinois

Great person as well as a great and skilled lawyer!

“A family member referred me to Mr. DeSalvo. I came to his office and he was very nice and very caring. Right away, it seemed like he could get the job done for me. So I hired him and it worked out just fine. My son and I were hurt when we were hit by a car while crossing the street in the crosswalk. I was really worried about me and my son getting our bills paid and being treated fairly. I have never had a law case before, so I was pretty worried about how long it would take and whether my son and I would be protected.

He did a Master job—he was great from the beginning to the end and was great with every question I had and because I could tell he cared, I felt like everything would be okay. He told me not to worry. When he talked to me and explained everything all the worry went away.

He has very friendly people in his office, and he really made me feel at home whenever I went over there. I have no complaints at all. He had my back and everything worked out great. He is a great person besides being a great and skilled lawyer. He will take care of you like he took care of me and my son. Thanks for everything Mr. DeSalvo – I hope we meet again in the future!”

Michelle Clark

Customer Service Representative, Chicago, Illinois

Honesty and consistency in moving the case forward!

“I hired Mr. DeSalvo because he came well-recommended to me. Once I hired him, I had no worries. He broke the entire legal process down to simple terms that are clearly understood. The thing I liked best was his honesty and consistency in moving the case forward. I felt that he would work hard and do his very best to solve and settle my case, and he was confident that he could do the best to get the very best settlement we could. If someone in my family needed a lawyer, he would be the very best attorney to get the case settled. He’s an attorney I trust and he can be trusted to tackle the case. I liked him so much, I hired him a second time! He has settled two cases for me!”

Kim V. Ewing

Secretary Car, Chicago, Illinois

Very professional!

“Mr. DeSalvo is a very good lawyer. I did some research before hiring Mr. DeSalvo. He was very professional.I received a good settlement on my case. This was my first time using a lawyer but he kept me informed on my case, and he works good with the client resolving their case. I am happy and satisfied.”

Michael Maury

Construction Laborer, Summit, Illinois

My case was a success!

“A friend of mine told me about Mr. DeSalvo. I was really worried about my doctor bills being paid. I never had a lawyer or any kind of case before. Mr. DeSalvo made sure my bills got paid and that I recovered my lost wages. He was very professional, quick-witted, and in control. Thanks to Mr. DeSalvo, my case was a success!

Tamberia Johnson

Customer Service Representative, Chicago, Illinois

Made me feel that there was hope!

“My Mom recommended Mr. DeSalvo to me. I never hired a lawyer before Mr. DeSalvo but he answered all my questions and constantly stayed in contact with the insurance company and kept me updated on the status of my case. He made me feel like there was hope of getting justice in my case. I feel like he did an excellent job in a timely manner on my case. Thank You!”

Shakka Bradford

Bank Teller Chicago, Illinois

Beats defendants as if he was the one who was injured!

“I had a case with another lawyer, but they dropped my case after 6 months of frustration. I was afraid Scott would drop my case too, because it was a difficult case to get recovery. Mr. DeSalvo was able to track down the person responsible for my injuries when the other lawyer couldn’t. He got me a settlement and was even able to reduce the doctor bills. Mr DeSalvo got me more money than I thought I would get!Confident is the best word I would use to describe Mr. DeSalvo handling my case. I already referred my mother to Mr. DeSalvo for her work injury! He beats the Defendants in his cases as if he was the one who was injured. Very professional and he got the job done!”

Sinovia Bell

Medical Administrative Assistant Chicago, Illinois

Easy to communicate with no airs between lawyer and client!

“Mr DeSalvo, thank you very much for handling my case. I appreciate everything you have done for me in getting the best offer. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me to answer my questions. Thank you!

The first lawyer I hired did not seem to care about me, but was only interested in me signing my name before things were properly explained to me. Mr. DeSalvo kept me abreast of how things were going and I was always informed when something was or was not happening. Mr DeSalvo is honest and upfront: he is more concerned about what you are concerned about and wont do anything without your permission. I like that he is easy to communicate with, with no airs or separation between lawyer and client. I am very pleased with the outcome in my case (settlement) and I will most definitely refer my family and friends who need a lawyer to you!”

Nina Ellison

School Teacher Chicago, Illinois

I feel very good about how he handled my case!

“I hired Mr. DeSalvo because he indicated professionalism to me and I felt that he would do the best representing me. I was worried about getting a fair settlement for my rotator cuff injury, and he expedited the settlement. I feel very good about how he handled my case. Everything worked out very well.”

Charles "Chuck Cannon" Giannone

Journalist Skokie, Illinois

Handled my case with confidence!

“Mr. DeSalvo is a good lawyer to talk to. My main concern in my case was getting full recovery and a fair settlement. He will talk to you about your case, not settling your case for little money. He made me feel good about my case and confident that we would get a good deal. He handled my case with confidence, like a good attorney should.

Ivory Johnson

Construction Worker Chicago, Illinois

Didn't use 'attorney-language'!

“I felt comfortable with Mr. DeSalvo because he talked to me about my case in words that were understandable – not “attorney-language”. I was worried about whether I could trust a lawyer and whether I would be able to get him on the phone if I had concerns about my case. But I liked the way he handled my case because he was sympathetic, worked fast, and was very understanding. I knew I made the right choice the first time I spoke to Mr. DeSalvo. If I had a friend or family member who needed a lawyer, I would tell them “Why go anywhere else?!?!?!” I definitely recommend Scott to anyone and everyone! The whole case was settled in about 2 months. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I could not have gotten any of this without you, Scott. Thanks for defending me and always being available to talk to me. And tell Rosa Thanks, too!”

Christine Bethscheider

Nurse, Chicago, Illinois

treated me with respect .. very caring!

“When I first met Mr. DeSalvo, I just knew that he would handle my case. I have used lawyers in the past, and they were not prepared for trial like you were. You got all the information you needed to handle the business at hand. You treated me with respect and made me feel secure, and you are very caring. You are an excellent lawyer.

William Miller

Security Officer, Chicago, Illinois

Good efficient lawyer!

“I hired Mr. DeSalvo because the way he presented himself, he seemed like the best lawyer for the job. He always made sure we would understand and kept us informed. He is a good and efficient lawyer. If I ever needed a lawyer or know someone who does I would feel safe to recommend Mr. DeSalvo.”

Lizella Palmer

Home Health Care, Chicago, Illinois

One of the good guys!

“Please allow me to begin by saying Thank You. You took on my Workers’ Comp case not knowing what it would be in terms of dollars, but even when you found out it was not a lot, you stuck with it. I respect you for that, and I would just want you to know that in the future I will refer any and everyone that I know who need a good Workers Comp attorney to you. Thank you for being one of the good guys!

Wendell Murray

Factory worker, Chicago, Illinois

Never too busy to answer my questions!

“To Mr. DeSalvo: Thank you very much for being the attorney that you are. You are never too busy to answer any questions I may have and I do appreciate that. Thank you very much!”

Stacy L. Holzendorf

Honest Spirit!

“I never even met Mr. DeSalvo face to face. I hired him over the telephone because I could feel his honest spirit, and that did it! He was the first lawyer I spoke with who told me to be honest about what happened. I still do not know how he did it, but somehow, he got a settlement in my favor! He did not keep me in suspense. He was very nice on the phone. He’s good and fast! He did exactly what he promised. I think I will always be in good hands dealing with Mr. DeSalvo.

Fritz LeGros

Musician, Chicago, Illinois

I would hire you again!

“Mr. DeSalvo: I’d like to thank you so very much. I am simply moved to tears. I did hire you to be my Personal Injury attorney due to respect and confidence that you will handle my case well. And today, I can say that I would hire you again and would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone!”

Maria Forowycz

Physical Therapist, Hunter, NY (Chicago, IL)

Very happy with my experience!

“My fiancée recommended Mr. DeSalvo to me, so I knew I could trust him for a job well done, with a good attitude towards the client. He got started in the case and was concerned about every detail of the case and was always available to be reached for any concern. I am very happy with my experience with Mr. DeSalvo because he handled the case in the proper, professional way. No complaints, everything was great, and he got the whole case done in a few months!

Pawlina Palij

Homemaker, Chicago, Illinois

He was really there for my daughter!

“I had another lawyer on my case but he wasn’t doing or couldn’t do anything as he said, so I searched for another lawyer and found Mr DeSalvo. I was worried because of the Statute of Limitations and my other attorney took 4 years to tell us nothing. Mr. DeSalvo was courteous and explained the depths of the case as well as the possibilities.He was a man of his word, and he was really there for my daughter. He took care of the best interest of my child. He is direct and to the point. He knows what he is doing. And he works totally for his clients. He stands by what he says, does, and means every word. He is a good man and attorney. Thank You Mr. DeSalvo for taking care of my and my daughter’s best interests. I am totally satisfied and so is my daughter. We can finally put this behind us and move on. My daughter thanks you very, very much, too!

Nicole Palmer

Self-Employed, Chicago, Illinois

Treated me like family!

“I was referred to Mr. DeSalvo and was told that he was the best person to talk to if I was injured. I was a little cornered about whether the lawyer I hired would really fight for me in my work injury case, and how long it would take. Mr. DeSalvo treated me like family, he was fair, and he resolved my case quick.

Seth Ketchum

Industrial Mixer, Dolton, Illinois

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