I put this Articles page together to keep you, the average person, aware of recent developments, interesting outcomes and verdicts, and other odd and fascinating stuff in the context of Chicago Illinois Injury and Accidents and insurance claims practices.  And, I try to make it interesting!

Lawyer Representation in a Motorcycle Accident Action

Considerations common to motorcycle accident injury cases and some things to think about when choosing a motorcycle injury or accident lawyer.

Nursing Home Injuries Abuse and Neglect

This page offers people injured by the negligence abuse and neglect of a nursing home and their families a useful information resource about the source of a nursing home’s duties to its residents and what those duties are.

Head and Brain Injuries

Head trauma can result in some of the most serious injuries I see. Find out more about these types of injuries and their potentially terrible consequences to the injured person.

The Parts of a Personal Injury Case

Chicago Personal Injury attorney explains the parts of a personal injury case or personal injury claim in Chicago Illinois, and gives a rough timeline of how long each part of a case takes.

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