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Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Helps People Hurt In A Car Crash

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car crash or car accident, this page can help you learn everything you need to know to make sure you do not fall into an insurance company traps that beat your car accident injury case, and make sure you get what the law says you deserve after being hurt in a car accident.


Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Tells You What You Need To Know To Protect Your Rights And Maximize Your Settlement If You Got Injured A Car Accident.

When a person get hurt in a car crash, they have many things on their mind. They want to know if they have a good case or a bad case. They want to know what their car accident injury might be worth.

A Chicago car accident lawyer is a special type of lawyer who focuses his or her law practice on helping injured people who got hurt in a car crash. After many years of college and law school, car accident attorneys begin the long process of learning all the tricks and 'ins and outs' of injury law and the special challenges facing people who got hurt in a car accident in Chicago or its many suburbs. As top car accident lawyers in Chicago, we offer a free consultation and no fee until we win your case.

Some people, especially people who got hurt that are searching for a car crash lawyer or car accident lawyer, usually want information and answers without talking to a lawyer. The purpose of this page is to give you information and tools to answer your questions. But also, to let you know that if you had a car crash or got hurt in a car accident, I am here for you to give you a free consultation.

"I Want To Know The Value of My Car Accident Case. What Is My Car Accident Case Worth? How Can I Calculate My Car Crash Injury Case Value Without Talking To A Car Accident Lawyer?"

I have you covered. Use my Injury Case Settlement Value Calculator. it is below, it is free, and it gives you an answer in 15 seconds or less. No talking to anyone, just a free tool.

"What if I Want a Free Consultation With An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer?"

If you are ready to speak with a car accident attorney, you can give me a call any time, night or day.

Here's how it works.

  • You call and the call and consultation is 100% free.
  • I answer all of your questions and we talk about your concerns.
  • By the end of the call you have answers and you know what to expect going forward.
  • You hire me, or you do not, either way, your choice.
  • We are friends either way.

"I Am Looking For Information. I Don't Need To Talk To A Slip and Fall Lawyer Right Now."

No problem. I have a TON of great information people who got hurt in a fall below. All 100% free.


This video "Car Accident Injury Masterclass" course is called "Law School In One Hour" by the people who watch it, because it gives you all of the 'insider secrets' that everyone who has been injured in a car crash ought to know -- without law school or a career in insurance claims. Also 100% free, but with invaluable information that can mean the difference between winning or losing your case.

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"The Ultimate Guide To Car Accident Injury In Illinois"!

No matter how your motor vehicle injury happened -- car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, you name it -- The "Ultimate Guide" is a COMPLETE resource for injured people. It is written for non-lawyers and gives you the full picture and EVERYTHING you need to know about car accidents, truck crashes...all kinds of motor vehicle crashes.

And you can get it right now, for free (downloadable, too).

  • What's the Difference Between an Attorney and a Lawyer?

  • Do I Need A Car Accident Attorney In Chicago?

  • When Should I Call A Chicago Car Accident Lawyer?

  • How Much Does It Cost To Talk To A Car Accident Lawyer In Chicago, IL?


Lawyers who are trying to seem fancy call themselves "Attorneys".  But whether you are calling a lawyer or an attorney, we are all the same.

There is one particular injury lawyer I'd like you to call. I'll let you guess who that it.  (Yes, that's my sense of humor creeping in.)


Top Car Crash & Car Accident Articles

These are the foundational articles that provide you the most and best practical information about car accident injury cases and how they work, so that you can know what to expect and how to protect the value of your injury case.

Do I Have A Good Car Accident Case?

That is maybe the #1 question I get when someone calls me at my office about a car accident.  People do not want to waste their time.  They want to know if their case is good or if the case will be a waste of time.

So I made a "Good Case Calculator" you can use right here for free.  And in 15 seconds (or less) you can have a good idea if you have a good case.

Sound like a plan?  Check it out below.

How Can I Know Who Are the Best Car Accident Lawyers?

Everyone wants a top car accident lawyer for their case.  That's smart because a good lawyer can make a huge difference in what you put in your pocket at the end of the case.

Here are a few things to ask yourself when talking to Chicago car accident lawyers:

  • Do they only settle or do they go to Court, too?
  • What do their reviews look like?  Do they look real or fake?
  • Is the lawyer you talk to going to handle your case, or will you get lost at a big firm?
  • Is your lawyer easy to get on the phone if necessary?
  • Is your lawyer up to date on his or her skills?

You ability to have a good, honest relationship with your lawyer is the number one factor in your happiness in the process, in my opinion.  Pick a lawyer who seems honest and competent.

A Different Kind of Lawyer Running A Different Kind of Injury Law Firm.

Your Key Questions Answered

How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take To Settle?

I once settled a case for a client in one afternoon. Many cases take less than a year. Some cases, if they are complicated and we have to file a law suit, can take years.

The biggest factor in how long it takes to settle your case is how long you are in medical treatment. That's because we usually have to wait until you are done going to the doctor and have recovered from your injuries (or as much as you can) before ordering your medical bills and records and trying to settle your Chicago car accident case.

In my office, we try to settle every case before filing a law suit. This way, you get your money faster nad you avoid the hassle and stress of going to Court.

But sometimes, we have to go to Court. That may be because they are not offering you a fair settlement. Or they might just want to fight your personal injury case.

Either way, we have you covered. We have a world class Pre-Litigation Department using state of the art custom computer programs that get us medical bills and records quickly, which means a faster, larger settlement for you.

And if we must file a law suit and go to trial, we will. We are great at litigation. From our custom "Case Tracker Live" software to my training at the 'invitation-only' Gerry Spence's "Trial Lawyers College", we bring a case by case custom approach based on the strategies and techniques that are known only to a few few lawyers, but are world renowned.

That means better, faster results for you. (Of course, every case is different, and your case will be handled and evaluated on its particular strengths and weaknesses).

What Do Car Accident Attorneys Do For Me?

There are two things I can offer you that I think are the most important.

First, we do all of the leg work. All of the phone calls. All of the hassle. All of the paperwork.

That means that you can focus on healing and getting your life back after a car accident.

Second, we can offer you the peace of mind knowing that your questions are answered, you know what's going on, and what to expect. I take pride in making sure my clients are informed and supported through the claims and litigation process.

We do not disappear on you once you sign up with our office. Instead, we return calls within 24 hours, at the latest. or at least that is the standard at my office, and busy as we are, we try to hold to it.

There are lots of twists and turns in car accident cases. You do not have to face them alone.

Please consider calling my office for a free consultation. And thanks for reading.

injury cheat sheet


Even if you are not ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created a FREE INJURY "CHEAT SHEET" for you for free and no obligtion. The Injury "Cheat Sheet" is easy to read, only 4 pages long, but explains your rights!

Read what our clients think about us

Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life. Scott is a down to earth person and attorney. Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff. The Judge said his presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen. Take my advice, hire Scott I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied I was.

Richard Lange

Cab Driver, Fall Down


Scott not only cares about the case, but he truly cares about his clients and that makes him the best lawyer I have ever met and hired!

He won my case! He is thorough in everything he does. I highly recommend Scott, and will always refer him to family and friends.

Geannine Rowe

Hair Stylist, Car Crash


I hired Scott DeSalvo upon a friend’s recommendation. His office kept me informed of developments as they happened, and I felt the settlement reached was fair considering my injuries. I would highly recommend Scott DeSalvo to represent your personal injury case.

Lisa Hibbard

Car Versus Pedestrian


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