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Construction Accident

How to File a Jobsite Accident Report

Every day, there are approximately 6.5 million people working on 252,000 construction sites across the US. 1 in 10 of those workers will experience injury this year. Construction site injuries are all too common and many are preventable. If you or a loved one... Read More

Do I Need To Talk To An Injury Lawyer?

I was reviewing my legal case files and noticed that about half of my clients waited a LONG time before contacting me about their injuries. This is true in car accident cases, fall down injuries, work injuries, you name it. It is always better to talk to an injury... Read More

Neck Injury? Do I Have A Case?

Sustaining a neck injury is one of the most frustrating injuries to have, and also one of the most painful and life-altering. Neck injuries are invisible.  There is usually no bruising or bleeding or cuts to see.  But once you have neck pain from a neck injury, you... Read More
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