First Ascent – Humboldt Park W Grand Avenue

If you are a beginner climber looking to try out world-class bouldering in Chicago, First Ascent Humboldt Park W Grand Avenue is the perfect place to begin. It offers a wide range of climbing styles and walls, as well as full weight lifting equipment and fitness classes.

The West Side of Chicago is a diverse neighborhood that has a strong Black community and a large Hispanic population. This area of the city is home to one of the largest Colombian festivals in the country.

Climbing Walls

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced climber, you’ll find something to challenge your skill and push yourself at First Ascent Humboldt Park W Grand Avenue Chicago Illinois United States. This location features world-class bouldering terrain, two yoga studios, fitness equipment and a strong community vibe.

Climbing isn’t just a sport; it’s also a community. It brings together people of all ages and abilities, from professional athletes to amateurs, to tackle routes that are challenging but not impossible.

For Yutuc, climbing was a chance to meet new friends and find a healthy outlet. The sport has even helped her cope with her disability — she was born without a right hand.


The First Ascent climbing company has four gyms in the city, including Humboldt Park and the Loop’s Block 37. Each boasts the highest quality climbing walls in the area with up to 60 foot high ropes and tens of thousands of square feet of climbing space.

The company also claims to have the highest number of indoor octave towers in the city. Its latest offering is the 25,000 sq. foot First Ascent branded bouldering facility in Avondale. The facility also features a video tour, COVID prevention measures and other novelty items you won’t find at your average local climbing facility. The top floor is home to the most impressive octave towers in town. The company plans to open a slimmed down facility in Uptown later this fall.


First Ascent Humboldt Park W Grand Avenue Chicago Illinois United States offers climbing and bouldering classes for adults and kids. They also offer training and fitness programs for those who want to take their climbing to the next level.

The West Side is a diverse community with several neighborhoods that have an ethnic and cultural presence. These include the Near West Side, Garfield Park, Austin, Lawndale, and Humboldt Park.

The West Side was once a sparsely populated area, but as the 19th century progressed, industrial workers began to move west. Immigrants from Poland populated West Town and East Garfield Park; Danish, Norwegian, Russian, and Jewish immigrants settled in Humboldt Park. During the 1950s, Puerto Ricans moved into the area. This population has continued to grow since then, making Humboldt Park one of the most diverse communities in Chicago.


First Ascent Humboldt Park W Grand Avenue Chicago Illinois United States is a world-class indoor bouldering, yoga, and fitness facility in one of our favorite Chicago neighborhoods. It’s a great place to get in shape, and it also has a strong community vibe.

The staff at First Ascent Humboldt Park is knowledgeable and friendly. They will help you learn the ropes, make friends, and have a great time!

The West Side of Chicago is a diverse area that’s home to many different cultures. As a result, it’s home to several festivals and events throughout the year. These include the Puerto Rican Parade and Festival or Fiestas Puertorriquenas, Festa Italiana, and Mexican Independence Day Parades.