Did My Injury Lawyer Cheat Me?

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Did My Lawyer Get Paid Out Of My Money?

Do I have to pay my injury lawyer twice? 

In other words, if my lawyer collects and pays for my time off work and gets it started for me, can the lawyer take a fee on that as well as the money that I get after the case, known as the PPD? Can a lawyer charge a fee for TTD, which stands for temporary total disability, as well as PPD, which stands for permanent partial disability?

The short answer is yes under certain circumstances.

They Take Twenty Percent

A lawyer is only supposed to take their 20 percent fee on disputed amounts, which are amounts that the lawyer receives payment for representing you. Therefore, if the lawyer works assiduously and must file a 19B petition, appear before the court, or threaten to do so, prepare it. Send it to the other party, argue with them a million times, and then they could be entitled to 20 percent of the past money rather than future income.

Although they could technically take 20 percent of your check continuing forward in my office until I had to prepare a 19B, go to court, or spend a significant amount of time battling with the other side to have your benefits started. I don't charge a price for it until I spend a significant lot of time doing it, and even then, I only accept it on back TTD.

So, if they owe you 12 weeks of work and then reinstate you and pay you going ahead, I won't take anything going future; instead, I'll take a 20 fee on what they owe you and, of course, every lawyer takes a fee on the PPD.

The lump sum of money after the case, but I'm going to recall that I've only done it a few times in my career, most of the time even if it includes a lot of phone calls gathering proof and delivering it to them, fighting with them calling them back phone tag getting additional papers. Even I don't normally charge a fee for this, and I believe that many lawyers do as well. Although many attorneys charge a fee for everything they do for you, the quick answer is that a lawyer can charge you a 20 fee on both the TTD and the PPD. But many attorneys don't, or at least I don't, so that's how it works.

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