Is Time On Your Side (or THEIR Side) In Your Injury Case?

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February 19  

The Bad News Is That Time Is Not On Your Side.

Time is not on your side, which is what I wanted to discuss with you. I received a call from a man who informed me of a personal injury case involving an automobile accident. The insurance company initially appeared to be going to take care of him; however, when he called and admitted to doing several things incorrectly—including giving a recorded statement and signing their papers—he believed them when they said they would take care of him and called me just as his deadline was about to expire.

Therefore, lawyers—and I am no exception—prefer to take on cases early in the process because the earlier I get involved, the more I can aid you. Likewise, the earlier you contact a competent attorney who will be interested in your case and actively pursue it, the better chance you have of obtaining a favorable result. I am unable to alter the circumstances around the collision, what occurred during the collision, your injuries, the doctor you saw or how quickly you did so, the diagnosis or course of treatment, or the results of your recovery from the medical care.

However, there are a ton of tiny nuances, such as sparing you from deadlines and a ton of other things, that will both protect and improve your case. I frequently speak with people like one of my clients who wanted to ride her bike to work and had a bad back. She replied that she wanted to get a part-time job selling concessions at Cubs. " I asked her, "Listen, you just had an injection to your back. Do you think it's a good idea for you to be bent over riding in traffic to work every day? Do you believe that spending an additional 10 to 15 hours a week standing on concrete while selling merchandise at a sporting event or entertainment venue will persuade a judge and jury that your back ailment is serious?” In addition to being horrible for someone with a poor back, it will delay her medical treatment and recovery.

My point is that there are a million little details that if I'm involved in the case early enough. I can fix for you, so what insurance companies do is talk to you and try to lower your guard, as they did with this guy, and the bottom line that you need to know is that there are filing deadlines, there are multiple deadlines in work worker's comp cases but also in a car crash and other third party cases and medical malpractice cases, so the more complicated the case, the more complicated the deadline.

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Less Than 90 Days Or 60 Days Before Deadline

I know a lot of lawyers who will not take a case, no matter how promising it sounds, if it's less than 90 days or 60 days before the deadline. I'll take cases within that deadline depending on the type of case, but lawyers don't like doing it because lawyers want to build the strongest case possible and avoid malpractice. On the one hand, the lawyer wants to help the client and wants to take on a significant case that has the potential to earn money to help the client and also so the lawyer can get paid, but on the other hand, the lawyer has to balance that against his or her professional obligations to not take a case where they're going to screw something up, you have to assess your competence because if you make a mistake, you are responsible.

My point is that time is on the insurance companies' side and not your side as time passes after your accident. There are a million minor decision points, and you'll make better decisions with an attorney for your health and your case result constantly. I usually advise individuals to seek a free consultation because of this.

If you need one, know someone who does, or even just have a general inquiry regarding a personal injury case, feel free to call me at any time, day or night, at 312 500 4500.

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