THREE Underground Injury Case Secrets You GOTTA Know If You Got Hurt In An Accident!

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March 4  

Underground Injury Case Secrets

I'm going to tell you the three things you need to know and be mindful of if you or a loved one has sustained an injury. Whether you got hurt at work in a car crash, dog bite, bar fight, fall on property, nursing home abuse, whatever it is, here are the three things you need to do. 

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Get Medical Care

The first thing you need to be mindful of is that, if you are wrongfully injured, going to get medical care immediately is always a good idea.

The first reason why it's important is, God only gave you one body. You get one body in this life and there are no injuries or medical conditions that benefit from a delay in getting better. So the first reason is obviously, go to a doctor right away to get better right away.

The second reason is, that getting prompt medical care after an injury or accident is one of the first things that insurance companies and judges and juries look for to make sure that it's a legit case and not a made up one. Judges and juries and insurance comp companies are all very sensitive to the idea that somebody's making a claim and they're not really hurt. Show them that you are really hurt by taking your injuries seriously and seeing a doctor right away.

Get A Doctor Who Is On Your Side

The second thing you need to know is that you need to see a doctor who is on your side. We see this a lot in work injury cases, where an employer will send an injured worker to their own doctor. Or you'll go to your family doctor and as soon as they hear that it's an injury case, they suddenly become aggressive or unhelpful or they just don't want to believe you or they don't want to help you. Don't treat with a doctor like that.

The truth is that, who you're treating doctor is in an injury case is extremely important. And ultimately you and I are going to need a doctor who's willing to give a deposition and stand behind you. We can't have a doctor who's afraid to give a deposition or resistance to write up the medical records the right way or give a deposition to support your injury claim. Because if your treating doctor won't say these injuries are from the accident, you're never going to be able to prove it in court. And if you can't prove it in court, that means you're never going to get a fair offer from the insurance company.

Work With An Attorney Who You Like, Respect, And Trust

The third thing is, work with an attorney who you like, respect, and trust. If you're working with an attorney who doesn't call you back or you worked with an attorney in the past who was rude to you, don't call them again for your new injury case.

And calling the attorney on TV or the guy on the billboard, you're never actually going to talk to that guy. He's going to send you to his associate or even worse than that, just a clerk at his office. So you're probably never going to talk to an actual attorney. Work with an attorney who actually calls you back, actually addresses it, addresses your concerns and will talk to you personally, and will work on your case personally.

So those are the three things that I wish everybody would know and would follow immediately after an injury. Because these things mean a clean strong case, a fast, and fair settlement for you.

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