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Addison, IL Slip and Fall Attorney

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Slip and fall cases are often very complicated. That's due to the fact that slip and fall injury cases are harder to prove than a work injury or an automobile mishap. 

In a cars and truck mishap case, you only need to prove three things: who caused the crash, what the injury is, and whether the injury was caused by the crash.

Fall down cases are even more complicated. We have to prove that the thing which made you fall was a product of an unreasonably unsafe condition. We also must show that the landlord or supervisor of residential or commercial property caused the problem or that the issue or threat existed for so long that they must have already found a solution for it. 

Landlords and home supervisors and store owners are really crafty when it comes to making property liability cases hard to prove for people who were hurt in a fall in Addison, IL. That's why talking to a lawyer is an excellent idea. 

We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Addison, IL Slip and Fall Attorney

Addison, IL Slip and Fall Attorney
The Case Process for a Slip and Fall in Addison, IL

More lawyers need to explain the case process to clients. Here is my attempt to discuss it with you: 

The Investigation Phase 

Unlike many lawyers, my best experience in fall down cases in Addison, IL has taught me to collect the maximum amount of information early on. I need photos and I want to talk with the client face-to-face, if possible. 

The point is, in a fall down case, I need to investigate the situation in great detail. We also need to acquire the medical records and have a strong concept of what kind of injuries you suffered in your slip and fall case. 

The Settlement Phase

As soon as we have all of your medical records and have summarized them, the next step is to prepare a comprehensive demand letter. Numerous law offices send a 1 to 4 page letters. In my workplace, our demand letters are typically longer than 14 pages. We break down every little bit of information within the case for the insurance company. 

Demand letters of this quality communicate very clearly to the insurance company that we mean business. Due to the fact that we are all set to go to trial, it tells them that they had better settle. These demand letters have increased the speed of settlement in my office. It has actually also resulted in much larger settlements for my clients who had a slip and fall in Addison, IL and need an Addison, IL slip and fall lawyer to help them. 


I would say that roughly over 70% of my slip and fall injury cases settle before submitting a lawsuit. Some cases need to be taken to trial. 

They make us file a lawsuit to find out the insurance details. In circumstances like that, we are required to submit a lawsuit and get the court involved. 

The litigation phase includes both parties exchanging all related information and addressing questions. We continue to depositions. This stage is known as "discovery". 

When discovery is complete, the accused in fall down cases will submit a movement to dismiss your case. They will argue that you do not have sufficient proof. They will make this argument even if it is not true. They are trying to get out of paying you. My workplace generally wins these maneuvers on their part. 


It frequently takes a long time to get a case to trial. Typically, the insurance company will attempt to settle the case right before trial or even during trial. Here we will know whether you should even take the case to trial. 

This gives you a fundamental understanding of how a case proceeds through the system in an Addison, IL slip and fall case.

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How Long Does an Addison, IL Slip and Fall Case Take to Win?

We more than happy to take slip and fall cases in Addison, IL because we have a lot of experience doing them. I have a lot of experience setting the cases up properly and placing them for maximum worth. And most of our cases settle. A huge bulk of the cases in my workplace settle without ever having to file a lawsuit. Many of our cases settle in less than a year from the date of the injury. 

So the answer is that many cases settle quite rapidly. And with a minimal amount of work from the client. It is not our goal to hassle a slip and fall client. Your only job should be getting treatment and improving. We do all the legwork. 

However, if we need to file a lawsuit, a case can take anywhere between two and four years before we are able to get to trial. 

Considering that the majority of cases settle, it is likely that yours will far more rapidly if you had a slip and fall in Addison, IL.

A friend of mine referred me to Mr. DeSalvo, and when I spoke with him over the telephone, he seemed like he was very straight up. He kept me informed and gave me his opinion on the case, but he let me make my own decision.  He made me feel very confident about my case. I would refer a friend or family member who needed a lawyer to him.”


Vanisha Jamison

Store Manager

 What Does it Cost Me to Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Addison, IL? 

We manage the case free of cost. If we do not win the case, then we don't get paid. 

When my workplace wins a case without submitting a lawsuit, we charge a decreased attorney's fee. If we have to file a lawsuit, our attorneys fee goes up a little bit. Due to the fact that we would be getting into the costly and lengthy litigation stage.

Most of my clients value a slip and fall lawyer in Addison, IL who wants to charge less when cases settle rapidly. 

That is constantly our objective. We want cases to settle rapidly and for our clients to put as much cash in their pocket as possible. 

If you need to talk to a lawyer for a slip and fall in Addison, IL, please do not hesitate to call me. You can reach me at 312-500-4500. You can call anytime night or day. 

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How Much Can I Get With a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Addison, IL?

How much a case is deserving of is a very typical concern I get no matter what type of injury case we are talking about. Individuals who have actually been injured in a fall frequently want to know just how much money they might get. 

All injury cases are evaluated based on how much medical care the injured individual got. Did the injured person in a fall totally recuperate? 

Certainly, the bigger the injuries and the larger the medical expenses, it is often true that the settlement will be more significant. 

However in fall down cases, we also should examine how strong the case is on liability. That's lawyer talk for "can we prove that the issue that caused you to fall was produced by the property owner or that it existed for so long that the property owner should've discovered it and repaired it?" 

If a case involves a new issue, a Jury and Judge might decide that the proprietor did not have adequate time to deal with the problem and fix it. In that case, you have a challenging case. On the other hand, if the problem was produced by the property owner and then was ignored, you may have an extremely strong case for an Addison, IL slip and fall lawyer to work on and examine for you. 

The bottom line is that with a strong liability case and severe injuries, your only limitations are what a Judge and Jury will value your case at. There are no set limitations on an Addison, IL Slip and Fall Case. 

What Do I Need to Understand About an Addison, IL Slip and Fall Injury?

The first thing you need to understand is that when you have a slip and fall, there is a reason a great lawyer wants to gather a lots of information immediately. Here is what we need to understand: 

  • Who owns the home?
  • Who handles the residential or commercial property? 
  • Who particularly/where particularly did the fall take place? 
  • Does the owner and/or manager of the residential or commercial property have insurance? Or do they have sufficient money to pay a fair settlement or judgment? 
  • What are your injuries? 
  • Are the injuries related to your fall? 
  • Did you get prompt and reasonable medical treatment for your injuries? 
  • Do your medical records say how you got your injuries? 
  • Is the thing that caused you to fall something that was produced by the owner or manager of the property? 
  • Was the owner or supervisor of the home aware of the issue and stopped working to fix it? 
  • Do you have pictures and/or an incident report?

These are the sorts of questions I ask people when they call my workplace concerning an Addison, IL slip and fall case or when they require an Addison, IL slip and fall lawyer to tell them whether they have an excellent case or not.

These are the fundamental truths that any good lawyer is required to evaluate a drop injury case. 

If you're considering seeking advice from a slip and fall lawyer in Addison, IL, I would encourage you to get this info together. It will make your consultation a lot more valuable to you. It will allow the slip and fall injury lawyer to give you the best advice on your case. 

Getting a Top Slip and Fall Lawyer in Addison, IL to Help

I hope the info in this short article has actually helped you understand important things about slip and fall cases. If you need an Addison, IL slip and fall lawyer, I am a good one to call. My telephone line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you had a slip and fall in Addison, IL, please give me a call. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at 312-500-4500.

My consultations are friendly with low pressure. I address all your concerns, I listen to you thoroughly, and we establish a strategy.