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Slip and Fall Lawyers Burbank, IL

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What Do I Need to Know About a Burbank, IL Slip and Fall Injury?

The first thing you need to know is that when you have a slip and fall, there is a reason an excellent lawyer wants to gather a lots of info right out of the gate. Here is what we are required to know:  

  • Who owns the home? 
  • Who manages the property? 
  • Who specifically and where specifically did the fall take place? 
  • Does the owner and/or manager of the property have insurance? Or do they have enough money to pay a fair settlement or judgment? 
  • What are your injuries? 
  • Are the injuries connected to your fall? 
  • Did you get reasonable and prompt medical treatment for your injuries? 
  • Do your medical records say how you got your injuries? 
  • Is the thing that caused you to fall something that was developed by the owner or supervisor of the property? 
  • Did the owner or manager of residential or commercial property know about the problem and fail to fix it? 
  • Do you have pictures and/or an event report?

These are the sorts of questions I ask people when they call my office concerning a Burbank, IL slip and fall case or when they need a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer to tell them whether they have a good case or not.

These are the fundamental facts that any excellent lawyer requires to assess a fall injury case. 

If you're considering seeking advice from a slip and fall lawyer in Burbank, IL, I would encourage you to get this info together. It will make your consultation much more beneficial to you. It will enable the slip and fall injury lawyer to provide you with the best information about your case. 

We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Slip and Fall Lawyers Burbank, IL
Slip and Fall Lawyers Burbank, IL
How Much Can I Get With the Help of a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Burbank, IL?

Just how much a case is worth is a really typical concern I get no matter what kind of injury case we are talking about. People who have actually been hurt in a fall frequently want to know how much money they will get. 

All injury cases are examined based upon how much medical care the hurt individual got. It is likewise essential to reference how big the medical bills are. Finally, how long-term are the injuries? Did the injured person who got harmed in a fall totally recover? Or do they have scars or a permanent limp or things of that nature? 

Certainly, the bigger the injuries and the larger the medical costs, it is typically true that the case is bigger.

In fall down cases, we likewise should evaluate how strong the case is on liability. That's lawyer talk for "can we show that the issue that caused you to fall was produced by the landlord or that it was present for so long that the proprietor should've discovered it and fixed it?"

If a case includes a new issue which developed in the home, a Jury and Judge may decide that the landlord did not have adequate time to resolve the issue and fix it. In that case, you have a tough case. On the other hand, if the issue was produced by the property manager and then ignored, you may have a very strong case for a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer to evaluate and work on for you. 

The bottom line is that with a strong liability case and serious injuries, your only limitations are what a Judge and Jury will value your case at. There are no limits on Burbank, IL Slip and Fall Cases. 

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What is the Length of Time a Burbank, IL Slip and Fall Case Takes to Win?

We are delighted to take slip and fall cases in Burbank, IL due to the fact that we have a lot of experience doing them. Many of our cases settle in less than a year from the date of the injury. 

So the answer is that most cases settle quite quickly. And with minimal amount of work from the client. It is our objective not to hassle a slip and fall client. Your only job ought to be getting treatment and getting better. We do all the legwork. 

Nevertheless, if we need to file a lawsuit, a case can take anywhere between two and four years prior to when we are able to get to trial.

Considering that many cases settle, it is most likely that your case could be solved much more rapidly if you had a slip and fall in Burbank, IL.

A friend of mine referred me to Mr. DeSalvo, and when I spoke with him over the telephone, he seemed like he was very straight up. He kept me informed and gave me his opinion on the case, but he let me make my own decision.  He made me feel very confident about my case. I would refer a friend or family member who needed a lawyer to him.”


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What Does it Cost Me to Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Burbank, IL?

My office uses a free consultation. We handle the case for free. We don't get paid if we do not win the case. We just make a portion of what we win for you. 

When my workplace wins a case without submitting a lawsuit, we charge a minimized attorney's fee. If we have to file a lawsuit, our attorney's fee goes up a little bit. This is due to the fact that we would be getting in the costly and lengthy lawsuit stage.

Most of my customers appreciate a slip and fall lawyer in Burbank, IL who wants to charge a little bit less when cases settle rapidly.

That is always our objective. We want cases to settle quickly and for our customers to put as much cash in their pocket as possible. 

If you need to speak to a lawyer for a slip and fall in Burbank, IL, please do not hesitate to call me. You can reach me at 312-500-4500. You can call anytime night or day. 

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Why You Require a Burbank, IL Slip and Fall Lawyer

Can I win this case? Will the case take forever? How much does a great Burbank, IL Slip and Fall Lawyer cost to hire? 

In this article, I will try to respond to most or all of these questions for you.

One of the important things that surprise my slip and fall injury customers the most is the information that the insurance company and the insurance company defense attorney requests of them. When they give a statement or a deposition, the insurance company lawyer will utilize every trick in the book to try and fool my client. That's why I inform my clients to not provide a tape-recorded statement unless they are represented by a lawyer. 

It is not an over declaration or exaggeration to say that giving a taped statement to an insurance company in a slip and fall case is a really bad idea. They will lay a trap, and your case will be worth less cash or possibly no cash at all. That's because insurance company lawyers and insurance adjusters deceive you throughout these declarations. 

They might tell you that they merely need to discover what happened. Their true goal is to beat your claim and pay you no money for your injuries. 

That's the primary reason that you require a free consultation with a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer. You can call my workplace anytime day or night at 312-500-4500. The consultation is totally free. 

The Case Process for a Slip and Fall in Burbank, IL

More lawyers must explain the case procedure to customers. Here is my effort to explain it to you: 

The Investigation Phase 

Unlike many lawyers, my finest experience in fall down cases in Burbank, IL has actually taught me to gather a maximum amount of details early on. I want photographs and I want to meet the client in person, if possible. Many of my clients prefer to meet with me over the telephone or zoom. That's all right too. 

The point is that in a fall down case, I need to research the facts in great detail. We likewise need to obtain the medical records and have a strong concept of what kind of injuries you suffered in your slip and fall case. 

The Settlement Phase

Once we have all of your medical records and have summarized them, the next step is to prepare an in-depth demand letter. Numerous law workplaces send a one or two page letter. In my office, our demand letters are typically longer and about 14 pages. We break down every little bit of information of the case for the insurance company. 

Demand letters of this high quality communicate very plainly to the insurance company that we mean business. It tells them they are much better off settling because we are ready to go to trial. These demand letters have increased the speed of settlement in my workplace. It has likewise resulted in much bigger settlements for my clients who had a slip and fall in Burbank, IL and need a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer to help them. 


I would state that conservatively, over 70% of my slip and fall injury cases settle before submitting a lawsuit. Some cases need to be put into suit. 

They make us file a lawsuit to find out the insurance information. In scenarios like that, we are forced to file a lawsuit and get the court involved. 

The litigation phase includes both parties exchanging all composed facts and addressing concerns. We proceed to depositions. This phase of discovery is known as "discovery". 

When discovery is complete, the accused in fall down cases will file a motion to dismiss your case. They are trying to get out of paying you. Any slip and fall lawyer in Burbank, IL will tell you that this is typical practice. 


The next stage of litigation is trial. The courts are congested. It frequently takes a very long time to get a case to trial. Often, the insurance company will attempt to settle the case right prior to trial or perhaps during trial. Having a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer you trust is key. You want your lawyer to advise you at these times about whether accepting the settlement is a great idea or not. Or, whether we must take the case to trial. 

This gives you a fundamental understanding of how a case proceeds through the system in a Burbank, IL slip and fall case.

Getting a Top Slip and Fall Lawyer in Burbank, IL to Help

I hope the information in this article has assisted you in understanding essential things about slip and fall cases. If you require a Burbank, IL slip and fall lawyer, I am a good one to call. My telephone line is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

My consultations go along with low pressure. I respond to all your questions. I listen to you thoroughly. We develop a plan. All of your concerns are responded to. If you want to hire me, you can. I never ever put pressure on individuals to employ me.