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What to Know About Workers Compensation Palatine, IL

Employers are required to have Workers Compensation insurance to cover their injured employees. If a worker is injured while working, then they are entitled to receive benefits under the Workers Compensation Act. 

If you can not return to your old job in direct relation to your injuries, Illinois Workers' Comp may also need them to pay to re-train you to do a different job. Once you have a new job and are getting paid, then benefits are cut off. 

If your doctor decides that you can no longer work carrying out any kind of paid employment due to your Palatine, IL work injury, then you would get permanent disability benefits.

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Palatine, IL Workers' Compensation

You ought to understand that if you got hurt on the job in Palatine, IL, you are most likely covered under Workers Comp. To understand your workers' compensation rights, you ought to understand that state laws manage your claim. 

Injured workers in Palatine, IL are often covered in Illinois. However, it is necessary to note that there are some situations where an employee is not qualified for workers' comp benefits, including:

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries suffered while participating in criminal activity
  • Injuries suffered while not on the job
  • Injuries suffered while breaching company policy
  • Not being an employee, but rather, an independent contractor

It is quite unusual for an employee to not be eligible for Workers Comp benefits. These include the "45 Day Rule" which require injured workers to report their injuries within 45 days after the injury. 

You should inform your employer by means of a manager or member of the management group about the mishap and/or injury. Often an employee does not want to make a huge deal about it, or they feel embarrassed. If you do not speak up, you might lose your case. 

When you work with a Palatine, IL Workers Comp attorney, he or she will discuss what you need to do. Your lawyer will safeguard all the deadlines and requirements so you can focus on getting better and recovering. 

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Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life. Scott is a down to earth person and attorney. Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff. The Judge said his presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen. Take my advice, hire Scott I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied I was.

Richard Lange

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Scott not only cares about the case, but he truly cares about his clients and that makes him the best lawyer I have ever met and hired!

He won my case! He is thorough in everything he does. I highly recommend Scott, and will always refer him to family and friends.

Geannine Rowe

Hair Stylist, Car Crash


I hired Scott DeSalvo upon a friend’s recommendation. His office kept me informed of developments as they happened, and I felt the settlement reached was fair considering my injuries. I would highly recommend Scott DeSalvo to represent your personal injury case.

Lisa Hibbard

Car Versus Pedestrian


The Workers' Compensation Process

You have 3 years to actually submit your case with the Commission. Your lawyer will fill out all of the documents. Your lawyer will file it properly, and make sure the employer and their insurance company are alerted. 

The insurance company will typically work with a lawyer to represent them and fight your case. It is important for us to wait to find out what your injuries are and to see if you are improving. We would not want to settle your case without knowing all of your injuries. Likewise, need to understand how much medical care you require. That means we need to be a little patient. 

Life is simple if your claim is totally authorized. In numerous cases, the Workers Comp insurance sends you to their doctor. The Company Doctor normally provides the Workers Comp insurance with a reason to fight your case. The most common reasons are:

  • Your injury isn't from work
  • You aren't actually hurt
  • Your injuries are small and you got excessive medical care
  • Your injuries are wear and tear, not from a work accident

This is the top reason why I tell people to work with a Workers Comp Law Firm in Palatine, IL early on. An excellent lawyer will be able to notice when they are navigating you into a corner. A good lawyer will be able to see if they are nearing cutting off your benefits and denying your claim. Your lawyer can fight all of this, and the earlier, the better. 

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Even if you are not ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created a FREE INJURY "CHEAT SHEET" for you for free and no obligtion. The Injury "Cheat Sheet" is easy to read, only 4 pages long, but explains your rights!

Typical Workplace Injuries In Palatine, IL to Know About

A basic injury at work can start out feeling like a minor injury that you will quickly recover from. But how you heal in the weeks and months after the injury exposes how bad your injuries are. You must act right away after a work injury to get a free consultation with a Workers Comp lawyer, to know your rights. Assessments are free, but the peace of mind you will get is invaluable. 

If you make a claim, you may be stressed about whether you will run into difficulties at work. Or you may even question whether your injury is one that will be covered under Workers Comp. 

Here are the most common workplace injuries:

  • Being injured by a machine
  • Falling at work
  • Injury related to lifting, pulling or pressing a heavy weight. Or repeated pressing, pulling, lifting or flexing 
  • Traffic crashes in company vehicles
  • Repetitive injuries from doing the same motions over and over
  • Being assaulted at work
  • Being hit by a falling item, or by a door or window

These are the most typical. There's lot of methods to getting hurt at work in Palatine, IL. 

Finding Out More About Workers' Compensation Cases

Realistic expectations are very important. Small injuries result in smaller sized settlements, normally. Bigger injuries indicate more cash. If you wait for a long time prior to hiring a Workers Comp attorney in Palatine, IL, that may mean that the insurance company is already damaging your case behind the scenes. It can take a while to repair the problems within a case. Good interaction and trust with your lawyer is essential. Your lawyer needs to interact with you. Your lawyer ought to offer to answer your concerns. He or she needs to be able to inform you on how long the case will take. A Workers Comp Law Firm in Palatine, IL can inform you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Your case will most likely be simpler and smoother with a good lawyer. However, in some cases, a case can just take a great deal of time and have issues which limit the worth. This might dissatisfy you, but it is the reality.

Hiring the Very Best Work Injury Lawyers in Palatine, IL

Call us at The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC if you're looking for the best Palatine, IL Workers Comp Lawyer. Workers Comp lawyer Scott DeSalvo is here to assist you. He has the understanding and experience required to win your case. This suggests a quicker settlement and the very best outcome possible for you. We can assist you in getting the benefits you should have in your case. We can ensure you make money, your medical expenses get paid, and the whole process is smooth. Or as smooth as possible. 

And we only get paid AFTER we get you paid. Give us a call any time night or day at 312-500-4500.