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If you had an injury at work, the processes involved in making a claim for your injury can be really complicated and stressful. What am I entitled to if I have a work injury? What am I expected to get paid?

Work injury victims in Chicago, IL can rely on The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC, where we are dedicated to helping injured workers in Chicago, IL with work injury claims. We dedicate our whole law practice in assisting victims of injury.

When you employ me, I deal with the whole procedure for you. You have nothing to worry about, and all of your questions are addressed. We do everything for you, from submitting the case, speaking with the insurance adjuster, to making sure your medical care is working for you, to settling your case for the best value. And we do all of this for you with no payment due until we win your case. Call one of our Workers Comp Lawyers in Chicago, IL for a totally free no obligation assessment so you can get answers to your concerns.

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"My daughter had a somewhat unusual injury case.  Scott is smart and got the maximum award possible under the insurance policy! You just don’t get better than that."

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Maximum Benefits for Chicago, IL Work Injuries

At The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC, we understand the discomfort and financial difficulty that occurs when a person is seriously hurt and can not work. When you engage us to represent you in your Workers' Comp case in Chicago, IL or nearby areas, we will help ensure that you get all the benefits allowable under the law. Our number one priority is helping you and making certain you recuperate from your injuries and getting you all of the benefits permitted under the law.

We offer excellent legal representation to clients looking for compensation for on-the-job injuries in Chicago, IL through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (formerly called the Illinois Industrial Commission). We likewise help people in auto accident, fall downs, dog bites, nursing home abuse, or no matter how they got harmed.

We represent people who operate in every type of job. We assist individuals in education, retail workers, construction workers, truck drivers, cab and Uber motorists and factory workers. We help anyone employed in Illinois if they got hurt at work. When we win your case, legal fees are ONLY paid. There is no expense payment to the lawyer. The charge is normally set by law at 20% of what we win for you. You need to have an attorney on your side to help you receive the benefits, as fast as possible

We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Workers Comp Lawyer Chicago, IL

Workers Comp Lawyer Chicago, IL

What To Know About Workers' Compensation in Chicago, IL

Employers are required to have Workers Compensation insurance to cover their injured employees. If a worker is injured while working, then they are entitled to get benefits under the Workers Compensation Act.

If you can not return to your old job due to your injuries, Illinois Workers' Comp might also need them to pay to retrain you to do a different job. Once you have a brand-new job and are getting paid, then benefits are cut off.

If your physician decides that you can no longer work carrying out any type of work duties in the course of employment due to your Chicago, IL work injury, then you would get long-term impairment advantages.

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When you get hurt at work or have a work-related illness or disease, your recovery is made harder by worrying about how to pay the rent and how to afford medical care. Hiring a Workers Comp lawyer is the best and fastest way to a smooth process in your work injury case.

A friend of mine referred me to Mr. DeSalvo, and when I spoke with him over the telephone, he seemed like he was very straight up. He kept me informed and gave me his opinion on the case, but he let me make my own decision.  He made me feel very confident about my case. I would refer a friend or family member who needed a lawyer to him.”


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Should YOU Hire a Work Accident Attorney in Chicago, IL?

Hiring a Chicago, IL work injury attorney can help you get an excellent settlement in your case, faster than you ever might on your own. A great Workers Comp lawyer can get you more money. You get all of your questions answered.

If you have concerns about your case, please feel free to connect to us at 312-500-4500We eagerly anticipate talking to you.

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Understanding Workers' Compensation Cases

Little injuries result in smaller settlements, normally. Bigger injuries mean more money (usually). A Workers Comp lawyer in Chicago, IL can inform you the strength and weak points of your case. 

Your case will most likely be easier and smoother with a great lawyer. But often, a case can simply take a great deal of time and have problems which restrict the value. This might dissatisfy you, however it is the truth. 

Typical Workplace Injuries In Chicago, IL to Know About

A basic injury at work can begin out sensation like a small injury that you will easily recuperate from. How you recover in the weeks and months after the injury exposes how bad your injuries are. 

You might be fretted about whether you will get in problem at work if you make a claim. Or you may even question whether your injury is one that will be covered under Workers Comp. 

 Here are the most common workplace injuries:. 

  • Being hurt by a maker. 
  • Fall at work. 
  • Injury related to lifting, pulling or pushing a heavy weight. Or repeated pressing, pulling, flexing or raising.
  • Traffic crashes in company cars. 
  •  Repeated injuries from doing the exact same motions over and over. 
  • Being attacked at work.  
  • Being struck by a falling things, or by a door or window.


These are the most typical. However there's great deal of methods to get hurt at work in Chicago, IL.

Working With the very best Work Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL 

Call us at The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC if you're searching for the best Chicago, IL Workers Comp Lawyer. Workers Comp lawyer Scott DeSalvo is here to help you. We can make sure you get paid, your medical bills get paid, and the entire process is smooth.  

And we only get paid AFTER we get you paid. Give us a call any time night or day at 312-500-4500.