Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts – What You Must Know

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May 24  

Slip and fall settlement amounts:  In this video, slip and fall lawyer Scott DeSalvo talks about slip and fall settlements, and how you can figure out what goes into knowing the value of a slip and fall injury case.

There are three things you should keep in mind. But first, remember that every case is different and every circumstance is different.

Want to Know What Your Slip and Fall Case Might Be Worth?

First, statistically, understand that slip and fall cases often LOSE at trial. 

A lot of people think that they are easy cases, but they are actually tough to prove at Court. Injured people only win one in 4 or one in 5 times. This is based on Court statistics for cases like this that go to trial.

So when we discuss slip and fall settlement amounts, keep in mind that many of these cases do not get a settlement offer without a law suit.  And if we go to trial, it is not an automatic "slam dunk" for us.  It's tough and its a fight.

Second, insurance companies settle these cases based on FEAR.

If you do not have a lawyer who is putting together as strong a case as possible, then you are leaving money on the table.

Hiring a lawyer shows the other side you mean business. And a good fall down lawyer knows how to put the cases together to give you the maximum chance to win at trial.  If it looks like we will win at trial, it motivates the insurance company to settle.  And an experienced lawyer can tell you whether the slip and fall settlement amounts being discussed are worthwhile.

Third, bigger injuries scare insurance companies into a settlement. 

Small cases can possibly never get an offer or will often settle for very little money because without big doctor bills and serious injuries, they aren’t afraid of what a Jury will award.

You might be able to get slip and fall settlement amounts in the 'nuisance' range.  But not having major injuries means they will more likely want to fight the case.  It can take a lot of money to 

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