What Does A Workers Comp Lawyer Cost? Who Pays The Lawyer?

Hurt at Work, Now What?

If you have gotten hurt at work, one of the first things on your mind may be, do I hire a lawyer?

Then, if you hire a lawyer, how much is it going to cost you and WHO exactly is going to PAY them?

Here’s what you do– CALL A LAWYER for a FREE CONSULTATION. Virtually every injury lawyer gives a free consultation. Talk to a lawyer, tell them what’s going on, and they can give you some idea of what needs to be done just with a FREE phone call.

Or you can even come into the office and talk to them for free, so that’s good.

Paying Your Lawyer

Now that you have decided to hire a lawyer, how do you pay them?

Well, in worker’s comp cases, the lawyer fee in Illinois is set by law at 20%. If a lawyer ever tries to charge more, unless there are severe extenuating circumstances, they’re in violation of the law.

Exceptions to the rule. Two exceptions of this 20% law involve cash offers and court petitions.

Here are some examples of how these exceptions may play out:

Exception 1: If you had a CASH OFFER to SETTLE your case, and then you hire a lawyer and he beats that original offer, he can take a higher percentage on the amount he beats it by.

For example, Let’s say somebody offers you $5000 for your workers’ comp case. Then, you hire a lawyer and the lawyer gets $7000. The lawyer can take more than 20% on the difference between $5000 and $7000, because more than likely he did a ton of work to get that increase.

Exception 2: They say that HARD WORK PAYS OFF and this exception involves just that.

If an attorney really goes above and beyond, tries the case, all that stuff, he can petition the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and ask for more attorneys’ fees.

In 20 years of representing injured people, I’ve never done that. If you sign a contract with me that says 20%, or some other percent for an amount above the offer amount, I HONOR THAT. I don’t go back and ask for more money even though I know some lawyers that do.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Here’s the beauty of it, NONE of these fees and commissions come out of your pocket!

Ultimately, the insurance company is paying the lawyer a percentage of what the lawyer wins for you. IF THEY DON’T WIN, THEY DON’T GET PAID. It’s that simple!

Very little risk for you if the case is lost but a lot to gain if you are well represented and win!

Let’s talk about how to improve your chances of getting everything you’re entitled to under the Workers’ Comp Act.


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