Should I Talk To Lawyer After A Bicycle Crash?


June 11  

Should I Talk To A Lawyer After A Bicycle Crash?

should i call a lawyer after a bicycle crash?

Getting into a bicycle accident can prove to be a traumatic experience, and during talking to a lawyer after a bicycle crash will help you to follow quick steps to avoid health complications or legal cases.

A bad bicycle accident can lead to severe injuries and permanent health issues. Staying cautious at all times can prevent such accidents, but if you happen to be in a situation as such, you need to take some instant measures.

Your initial priority after getting into a bicycle accident has to be your well-being and health. See if you have sustained any injuries and don’t attempt to move in case of any severe pain. If you were in a case where the driver of another vehicle ran you off the road or in case of a hit and run situation, you need to wait for the cops to arrive.

Take pictures of your injuries and collect the details of the scene while you wait for the cops to arrive. The cops will then interview you and conduct preliminary investigations of the accident. Be truthful in your answers to the cops and obtain the personal details of the other driver involved if he/she is present at the scene. You will require the other driver’s insurance details as you might have to file a claim against their insurance policies.  

It is crucial that you seek a doctor as soon as you have gathered all the necessary information, and the cops allow you to leave. If you have sustained any injuries, the doctor will provide the medical report, which will come handy in proving your case for the lawsuit. 

Seeking a lawyer after a bicycle crash?

SPeak with a good, experienced bicycle injury lawyer if the other driver has caused you injury during the bicycle accident. You can secure a personal injury claim if the other driver has caused the accident due to negligence or personal intentions. You can seek the counsel of a lawyer with a strong rapport on accident claims.

The compensation in such claims can be inclusive of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Payment towards loss of income and inability to work due to time spent for recovery
  • Damage to property
  • Compensation towards suffering and pain

If there were any eye-witnesses when the accident happened, your attorney will get their statement to build a strong claim case on your behalf. When you have a personal injury lawyer, he/she will not only take up the legal proceedings for your case but also follow-up with the insurance companies. A bicycle accident can also lead to filing a claim against your medical insurance or filing for an auto insurance claim. 

Insurance companies will look for every reason to deny or reduce your claim settlement, which is why having an attorney is very important. Your attorney will handle these types of issues with legal facts and proofs.

It is always a wise idea to immediately consult your lawyer after a bicycle accident. However, you have to know when to contact your lawyer, and here are some crucial instances when you need a lawyer.

You were injured at the accident: If you sustained injuries due to the accident, your medical bills of the treatment would become a proof of document for the claim. Medical expenses can prove to be very costly. You might also be out of work, which will lead to loss of income. Your lawyer will guide you on your rights and give you legal counsel on options for the compensations to file.

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The other driver is denying fault: If you are lucky, then the driver who hit you will admit fault, making the recovery of your claim easier. However, there will be chances that the other driver will try to implicate the blame on you for the cause of the accident. In this case, you need a lawyer who will provide the legal counsel you need to make your case stronger.

For filing claim for third-party insurance: In a bicycle accident, you might have to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy, seeking compensation for the loss. The claims in bicycle accidents are quite tricky as insurance companies will look for any reason to prevent the liability on their part. You will require a good lawyer who can make a strong and convincing case on your behalf to have a better chance in such matters.

The accident has caused serious injuries or long-term health issues: You will need an experienced lawyer if you have sustained serious injuries in the accident. The injuries can be inclusive of permanent disabilities, permanent pain, and suffering, or inability to lead a normal life as a result of the accident. The compensation in such cases cannot be often obtained through insurance companies, and you will need to file a claim for personal injuries. 

The insurance company has offered a settlement: Insurance companies will try to offer a settlement if you have filed a claim on your own. But you should first consult a professional bicycle accident attorney before accepting any settlement. Without legal knowledge, most often, people tend to underestimate the extent of their losses in such accidents. Letting a professional lawyer review the settlement can be very beneficial for you because once you have said yes to the offer, there will be no going back. 

Do not hesitate to seek a lawyer after a bicycle crash when you have been in a bicycle accident.

Hiring a lawyer is not something that you do daily, and it can be intimidating to consider at first. You might even assume that a bicycle accident is not that big of a deal to file a case by hiring a lawyer.

However, the consequences of a bicycle accident and the settlement you will receive from the insurance companies can impact your life and future. There will be a lot of issues and wastage of time in handling the case on your own. Since it is a job for the lawyer so he/she will spend time on your case, looking through every detail to make a solid case where there is maximum benefit for you.


Experts always advise that you should seek the professional assistance of an attorney, especially if you have to undergo extensive medical treatments. Make sure it is a well reviews lawyer who specializes in injury cases and who gets good reviews from current and former clients. The price for the treatment and recovery can be very high, not just in monetary terms but also on your mental health. 

It is also an unfortunate fact that insurance companies are not usually entertained by the sound of paying huge claims, which is why an experienced lawyer is needed. Any insurance company will look for loopholes to reduce your payout and they are good at their job. Having a skilled attorney by your end will make you prepared for what is to come. A lawyer will advise you on how to handle and defeat any manipulative tactics that insurance companies will use.

The biggest advantage of consulting a lawyer after your bicycle accident is the legal skills they can provide while dealing with insurance companies. An experienced lawyer will guide you about your legal rights so that you do not fall prey to the tricks played by the insurance companies.

Another benefit of having a lawyer beside you is that it will make the insurance company more likely to take you seriously. It makes the insurance company realize that you are serious about the case, and you are aware of your rights. The insurance companies will be forced to consider your matter seriously as they will want to avoid litigation cases by any means. 

There are also many practical benefits of hiring a bicycle accident lawyer because, after the accident, you will need time to recover. You will not be capable of fighting your own legal battles while you are recovering from your injuries. Your attorney’s job is to take care of your case on your behalf, which will take away your responsibilities of handling the intense legal proceedings. So, instead of fighting for your claims, you can leave it for your lawyer to handle and focus on your recovery.

Accidents can bring physical, emotional, and mental trauma to the victim, which can leave a long-term impact. With the help of a lawyer, all your legal claim proceedings will be taken care of, and you will only need to pay attention to getting better for a full recovery.

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