Car Crashes

Hey guys. Car Crash Lawyer Scott DeSalvo here.

In today’s video we’re going to talk about car crashes.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash there’s some information you’re going to want to know to protect your rights, make sure your doctor bills get paid, and make sure the right person gets blamed for the crash.

As you might imagine I get a lot of telephone calls from potential clients about car crashes.

The first thing I want to talk to you about doesn’t necessarily relate to injury claims in a car crash.  But it’s so important that I feel like we need to talk about it. It’s gap insurance. 

Gap insurance is property damage insurance that you get for your car that covers you for the difference between what you owe on your car and what the cars’ book value is.  

Without gap insurance, if your car gets totaled, the insurance company is only obligated to pay the book value of the car. 

In this day in age, most of us drive a car off a car lot and we owe more money than the book value of the car.

For example, if you own a car that you owe $20,000 on and the book value of the cars $15,000, without gap insurance, the insurance company will only pay you $15,000 for that car and you still owe $5,000 with no car. But with gap insurance, it covers that gap.

So same accident, you owe $20,000, the car is worth $15,000; with gap insurance, the insurance company is required to pay the full $20,000.  

I always tell my clients and friends consider getting gap insurance on your car especially if your financing a car. It’s really the only way you can make sure you’re protected if your car gets totaled.

The next thing I want to talk to you about briefly is how family doctors sometimes treat injury cases.

Family doctors are fantastic for colds, infections, to get antibiotics or for physical examinations and things like that. And some of them are very good at treating you after an injury case. 

But many of them are not.  They’re skeptical or they tend to want to write you a script for pain medicine and then see you in sixty days.

The problem with that is that there’s no medical injury or condition in the world that benefits by a delay in quick treatment.  

So if you’ve been involved in an accident and your family doctor seems to be putting you off, just feeding your pain pills and giving you follow-up visits, you might want to consider seeing a doctor who has more experience treating people who’ve been injured inan accident.  

Those kinds of doctors are going to give you thorough orthopedic clinical exams in the office.  Then if it’s warranted, they’ll send you for X-Rays, CT scans, MRIs to get to the bottom of exactly where your pain is coming from and how to fix it. 

You shouldn’t have to go 60, 90, or 120 days taking pain pills and not really being treated for your injuries.  You deserve to get a diagnosis right away.  It’s better for you physically and it would be better for your injury cases anyway.

Lastly, my advice is don’t give an insurance company your recorded statement.

So many times after a car crash, an insurance company will either come to your home or your place of business or more likely call you up on the telephone and ask you whether they can start a tape recorder. Then, they are going to ask you very detailed questions about the crash and your injuries.

I always tell people, even if you’re not sure you want to hire a lawyer, do not give a recorded statement.

It only works to the benefit of the insurance company and it does not work to your benefit. If you’re considering giving a recorded statement anyways, get a free consultation from an injury lawyer.

Everything you tell an injury lawyer in a free consultation is privileged.  It is attorney-client privilege. Nobody can know about it.

Even if you don’t hire that lawyer, that lawyer can give you good information in strategy on how to protect your rights while you’re deciding whether to hire a lawyer not.


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