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Accident Lawyer Advice? What Good Accident Lawyers Will Advise.

Accident Lawyer Advice? What Good Accident Lawyers Will Advise If You or a Loved one Got Hurt In An Accident.

Have you been involved in an accident and are wondering what accident lawyer advice you might need to know after an injury?

I’m going to give you three critical pieces of information I wish everybody who’s been involved in an accident knew, but they don’t. And you’re about to learn that information in this video.

You’ve been involved in an accident and you’re not quite sure what to do. That’s OK. We’re going to talk about it now.

The first thing you should do if you’ve been involved in an accident with injury, no matter what kind of incident it was, is make a report.

Now, in the case of a motor vehicle crash it could be a police report. If you fall in a store or you’re injured at work, it’s going to be an incident report or an accident or injury report.

Why is it so important? Well at some point, your case or claim is going to be evaluated by an insurance company. One of the  ways they evaluate these cases is they want to see if there was any documentation by an outside party that the fall or the injury actually occurred at the date, time and place that the injured person is claiming.

You’re documenting the fact itself by doing a report and it’s not just you writing it, it’s a third party who may have even witnessed the event.

So making a report is absolutely essential.

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Second, be mindful of how your body feels in the days and weeks after the accident.

I am contacted by a lot of people who immediately after accident, even a day or a week later, aren’t feeling that bad. But as time goes by after the injury or after the accident they start feeling worse and worse and worse and eventually see a doctor.

The reason I’m telling you to be mindful of how you’re feeling is that my advice to everybody who’s been involved in an accident with an injury is, even if you only suspect an injury get in to see a doctor, get it documented.

The reason getting it documented is so important is the same reason is what we were talking about before.

Just like insurance companies and ultimately a judge or jury is going to want objective third party information about how the injury occurred. This includes documenting your injuries by going to a doctor and making those complaints to a medical professional close in time to the date of the accident.

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It is more evidence that the accident occurred when, where, and how you said it did, and theparts of your body that you’re claiming are documented as having been injured initially by the first doctor you go to.

So it’s pretty important. I always tell people if you’ve been injured or you suspect an injury, go in to get checked out. It can’t hurt and it may save your case.

Third, don’t be afraid of the free consultation that an accident lawyer can offer.

In this day in age, virtually every personal injury lawyer offers a free consultation. That means you can talk to as many personal injury lawyers as you want.

You’re not limited to one. Each of these lawyers are required under attorney-client privilege to keep what you tell them completely private and secret.

So you really have two great opportunities. The first is you get these free consultations, they don’t cost you anything and there no obligation. So if you don’t want to hire the lawyer, you don’t have to but the lawyer is giving you insight as to what’s important in your case and what your chances would be.

The other thing is because you can get more than one free consultation you can talk to more than one lawyer and decide which one you like best, should you decide to hire one.

So it’s really a win-win for you. You get more educated about what you have to prove in your claim and you get to talk to different lawyers and decide which one you like best.

So definitely consider a consultation if you’ve been injured in an accident.

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