A 3-Step Guide to Help Prevent Nursing Home Abuse


May 31  

A 3-Step Guide to Help Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

Our sincere hope is that you don’t have to use a nursing home lawyer in Chicago or any other city in Illinois. But the scary fact is that nursing home abuse is a real, ongoing problem in Illinois and nationwide.

The National Research Council Panel to Review Risk and Prevalence of Elder Abuse and Neglect said that elderly people in homes offering long-term supportive care are at an increased risk for abuse and neglect.

So to help you avoid being abused yourself, or to help you prevent your loved ones from being abused we’ve put together a top three list of preventive measures.

1. Be careful when choosing your nursing home.

Medicare.gov provides a guide on choosing your nursing home. Taking precautions when choosing your nursing home may be the best way to prevent abuse. While you can’t know for sure whether the home will be 100% safe a little research goes a long way.

Make sure the home’s Medicare certification is up to date. Find out about their policies, and see if they are properly staffed. Schedule visits and learn about their treatment plan options.

Another helpful resource is Medicare’s Nursing Home Comparison tool. The tool allows you to compare nursing homes in your area that are Medicare and Medicaid-certified.

2. Be aware of the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse.

Knowing the telltale signs of neglect and abuse will ensure that you get help to stop any abuse as soon as possible. The Administration on Aging published a list of the warning signs of abuse and neglect. The signs range from obvious issues like bruises to more subtle warning signs like a strained relationship between the resident and the caregiver.

3. Know your rights.

A knowledgeable nursing home resident is an empowered resident. Don’t leave it until you talk to a nursing home lawyer in Chicago to learn your rights. The Medicaid website makes it easy. They provide an article on the rights and protections granted to all residents in a nursing home.

If you’ve done everything above, you greatly reduce your chances of running into nursing home abuse. But it can still happen. In that case you should engage with a nursing home lawyer in Chicago. The Law Offices of Scott D. DeSalvo is a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago so give us a call to set up your consultation.


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