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What kind of cases do I handle? I had a lady call me, she actually called me because it's something that I don't handle. People who've known me and hired me before know if it's an injury case I do it. That's what I do.

I do work injury, car crashes, motorcycle crashes, fall down cases, dog bite cases, medical and legal malpractice, nursing home abuse, anything involving an injury to you or a loved one. I got a call from a lady who was a former client of mine, a really nice lady. She called me up and said "hey Scott, I'm having a problem with my landlord and I thought you could help me with the case". I'm like "okay, well what's the problem with the landlord?".

Reader's digest is, he was just being kind of rude to her. It sounds like the landlord wants to sell the property and wants her to move and she doesn't want to move. The thing is, I do help people with little things like that all the time. I've probably written over a hundred free letters and little disputes with people for free over the course of my career just because I like to help people. But obviously, that's not what I really do. 

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Injury Cases

My career is all about injury and injury cases. While I was talking to her, she mentioned that she had been in a car crash and you know went and hired a TV lawyer for her car injury.

Wait, you're calling me to write a free letter for you but you don't want to use me for your injury case?

She basically said "Oh I didn't know you do injury, you helped me with something else before, I didn't know you do injury". It's possible. I do a lot of marketing and sometimes I feel like I'm obnoxious with as much as I hit you guys over the head with the idea of "I'm an injury lawyer, I'm an injury lawyer, I'm an injury. I sound like a broken record. But now you know why I do it. I have to make sure everybody who knows me knows I do injury law.

Different Areas Of Law

That's the name of the game, that's what I do, injury law. I don't do real estate closings, I don't do bankruptcies, I don't do divorces. I know things about lots of different areas of law, and it's perfectly okay for you to call me because I can probably refer you to somebody who can help you out. But when it comes to the number one thing that I actually do, it's injury law. So car crash, work injury, fall down, dog bite, bar fight, lawyer screws up your case, a doctor screws up your life, a nursing home injury, anything that involves an injury, I'm your guy.

I hope that clarifies it for anyone who doesn't know. 

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