How Does It Affect Your Case

In this article, I'm going to ask you a question, "Is indecision killing the value of your case and your chance to get fully paid for your injuries?"  So, we're talking about whether it's a work injury, a car accident, a fall down at a business or a fall down that was caused by somebody else, a bar fight, a dog bite, a nursing home abuse, a medical malpractice—is indecision destroying the value of your case.

Be Sure With Your Attorney

Well, I had a guy who called me and he told me that he has spoken to like eight different lawyers about his car crash case and couldn't make a decision. A couple of the lawyers seemed okay, some of the big law firms, he didn't really talk to a person or or an attorney. He just talked to like a clerk or a case manager and didn't really get to talk to an attorney. But there were a couple of attorney he liked and he liked me, but he didn't really want to pull the trigger. The problem is though that by the time he called me, his case and his accident over a year ago and there were problems with his case because he didn't have advice of an attorney.

Think Long Term

One of the most important things I do for my client, I think I mentioned it in another video where one of my clients who had a back injury after an accident told me they were going to get a part-time job. And they're on their feet and they told me that they want to start riding their bike to work. I've had other people who you know, do a little bit of therapy are still in a lot of pain and then stop going or life gets in the way and they start no-showing their doctor's appointments.

All of those things will literally take an excellent high value case and destroy its value literally. Like you could have a case that could be worth six figures and if there are too many problems with it, it'll turn it into a case that the insurance company wants to fight about. Meaning, no settlement before a lawsuit, the case could go on for years and then ultimately we have to go in front of a judge and jury and explain the problems with the case.

Because, remember at trial, the defense attorney is going to pick every issue or question mark in the case. Build it up into this Grand conspiracy and try and get the judge and jury to pay you. Nothing, all of that stuff can be avoided if you have a good lawyer and you've hired a firm where lawyers actually work on the case, not just case managers.

A lawyer who will call you back, answer your calls, address your concerns you can bounce ideas off the lawyer and the lawyer will manage it.

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Not Just Protecting Your Rights, But Also Your Financial Future

Here's another example, I was talking to a lady who hates her job, hates her manager, hates her supervisor. She had been working there a number of years, re-injured an old injury didn't go to the doctor, didn't report it because she's so mad at the supervisor. And her boss, she wanted to walk out she,  and she's frustrated but if she have an on-the-job injury and she wants to get paid while she is off work.

"You need a doctor's note keeping you off-work and call them and report the injury and make sure they know you got hurt if it's just days ago and let them know you're going to the doctor and then get a doctor's note and get it over to HR send it to your boss."

That will protect her right to collect money while she's off-work with the injury. The harassment and the bad behavior, and the bad treatment is obviously like a major issue and it's a major thing for people and it's often like the main thing people are upset about. But you know my job is to protect your financial future, protect your right to recover and protect the value of your case or enhance the value of your case by putting it together the right way.

Your Case Have Deadlines

I know it's self-serving, talking to a good lawyer and pulling the trigger no one's going to be perfect. I've also talked to a lot of people who I'll talk to him on the phone, I'll answer all their questions, I'll send them paperwork to sign up and then I don't hear from them for like a week or a month. I just had a guy  who didn't have the best case in the world. But he had a case I thought I could probably get him money. So, I agreed to represent him and then he disappeared on me. He disappeared on me for a year and a half, couldn't find them, didn't answer phone calls, didn't answer texts, didn't answer emails, didn't answer letters to address and the letters didn't come back.

I had to send them a letter telling them, "I'm sorry you know you never gave me your paperwork back and we couldn't reach you. And we're not your lawyers for him anymore. Well, after two years have gone by, the guy contacted me and said, "Hey, how's my case going?"  Well, again life gets in the way and you are better off hiring an attorney  getting the attorney on the job  and then you covered your deadlines. And going to be protected your lawyer is going to be working on the case, and you have somebody who will call you back to answer your questions.

So, I know it's stressful I know that a lot of lawyers don't have the greatest bedside manner, but you are definitely better off in virtually. All injury cases with a lawyer than without one just make sure you pick the right one, of course I'm available to represent people in every kind of injury case.

If you or a loved one's been in a car crash, the best thing to do is give me a call. I promise it will be a short stress-free call, we can talk about what happened. You may reach me at 312 500 4500 24/7 free consultation.

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