Injured At Their Nursing Home? Here’s What To Do.

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June 3  

Injured At Their Nursing Home? What To Do If Your Loved One Gets Hurt.

injured at their nursing home

Injured at their nursing home? It can be hard to know what to do, especially with the feelings of betrayal when the people who promised to care for our loved ones do the unthinkable.

Our nation’s elderly are at an increased risk of injury no matter where they are. Their bones are more brittle and they don’t have the coordination or strength to move like they once did. Nursing home professionals are supposed to do their best to ensure the safety of your elderly loved one. When they fail, and your loved one is injured, you need to take matters into your own hands and look into possible recourse with a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer.

But how do you make sure the nursing home is held responsible?

Log the incident

First, you’ll want to have the incident logged with the nursing home by filing an official complaint. Don’t leave this up to your loved one. You need to be there to hold the nursing home accountable and be sure your loved one isn’t being intimidated into shutting up about the incident.

Get out

Find a way to get your loved one out of the nursing home. Whether that means finding a new home quickly or taking care of them at home temporarily, if possible.

Get to a doctor

There are two reasons you’ll want to see a doctor. For one, you want to take care of your loved one. When elderly people are injured, they’re at a greater risk for complications stemming from the original incident. Secondly, it’s another way to have evidence of the incident.

If you do end up in court, it’ll make things much easier on your Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer if they have a medical report filled out by a doctor.

Talk to a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer

Nursing home abuse cases are unique with respect to the legal process involved. You’ll want to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible about the particulars of your case. The easiest time to gather evidence is while it’s still early, not after months (or years) of fighting with your nursing home.

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