Pedestrian Hit By An Uber? Things You Need To Know.


June 3  

Pedestrian Hit By An Uber? Here's What To Know, What To Do.

Pedestrian hit by an Uber?  It's more common than you think, with ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft drivers on the road.

Uber has revolutionized how we move around the city of Chicago. In the past, it was never as easy as opening an app on your phone to hail a ride. But with this convenience, comes a complex set of liability issues in the event of an accident. If you’re hit by an Uber as a pedestrian, besides your pain and suffering, it may be quite confusing as to who is going to make things right.

That is why you should contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer right away to get the legal counsel you need.

We’re providing this post to help clear up what you should do if you’re a pedestrian hit by an Uber.

Gathering Evidence

For the most part, you’ll want to treat it like any other accident involving a driver and pedestrian. The first thing you should do is gather evidence. Your injury case of being a pedestrian hit by an Uber will rest on your ability to prove that the driver was at fault and that you were hurt. This part is essentially the same as any accident involving a vehicle, Uber or no Uber.

Take photos of the accident and your injuries. Go see a doctor to have your injuries treated and documented. If you’re in too much pain to take photos, have a friend or someone at the scene do it for you.

If possible, try to find out whether the driver was carrying a passenger, on the way to picking up a fare, or using the vehicle for personal use. These factors can affect who is liable—Uber or the driver.

Then call a Chicago personal injury lawyer. Even in a clear-cut case, where Uber is liable, accidents involving Uber drivers can present a complicated legal issue.

Depending on what happened, either the driver is solely liable or both Uber and the driver are liable. And in some cases when the driver is liable but doesn’t have sufficient insurance, you may have to go after Uber.

There are three things you need to know to protect your rights

In this short video, I will run through those three things for you.

It comes down to these three things:

  1. Be Precise about exactly WHERE the impact took place. Were you in a crosswalk crossing the street? Outside the crosswalk? In a parking lot? Where you were when the pedestrian accident happened is key. 
  2. Get Witnesses. If you have witnesses who can confirm your testimony about where the crash happened, that can really help. 
  3. DO NOT Give a Recorded Statement! Insurance companies like to ask trick “leading’ questions and record the conversation. They NEVER do this to help you, only to defeat your pedestrian injury case.
    If you have a Chicago pedestrian accident, doing these three things can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

If you’ve been hit and injured by an Uber as a pedestrian in the streets of Chicago, talk to a Chicago personal injury lawyer today. Uber will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you a penny. You’ll need a strong, experienced legal advocate on your side. And that’s where the legal professionals at the Law Office of Scott DeSalvo come in.

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