How Does It Affect The Value Of My Case?

I'm going to answer the question, “How do my choices of doctor and my choices to Medical decision affect the value of my case?”

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

So, I'm going to talk to you about two clients that I spoke with. The first one was prescribed surgery and he feels like he needs it, but he doesn't really want to have the surgery and he's thinking about just putting it off. Then he called me to talk about how, if he doesn't have the surgery and it, he puts it off till after the case is settled. How will that affect his case value?

Because after all the doctors did write the note, did write the prescription for the surgery, they should give him money for the future surgery. Well, that is true, but as you might already know, it's always better for you to follow a doctor's advice.

Now, I always tell people it's your body, it's your life. I will build the case around whatever medical decision you make for yourself, but if a doctor prescribes treatment or surgery and you don't have it a judge and a jury. The insurance company is going to discount what they want you to pay. Your case is always more valuable with care, received than future care that you may or may not receive.

One thing I want you to think of, it's a good idea to follow a doctor's advice and get the medical care they prescribe.

Not Just A Family Doctor

The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is a lady called me with a case and even though her family doctor was giving her kind of a hard time. When she told them it was a work-related injury, she wanted to stick with him, and even though he's given her a hard time, and I told her,

"Listen, I've been doing this for about 25 years. When your family doctor is giving you a hard time about medical care. After you tell them it's a work or accident-related case, it means they don't want to be involved. And they don't want to give a deposition. They don't want to help you."

So, I always tell people, you're always best-off treating with a doctor who is familiar with injury cases. Doctors who know how to write the records and will have your back.  If you're treating with a doctor who doesn't seem to have your back or as soon as you tell them it's a work injury or a car crash and you have a lawyer. Their attitude changes towards you, something you ought to consider is the importance of a doctor to your injury case because remember only a doctor can give the opinion that you shouldn't work due to your injuries.

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Choose A Doctor Who Is Experienced In Injury Cases

Only a doctor can say that your injuries are related to the accident and not something else. Only a doctor can say that you need a surgery or medical care or a medical device or prescription medication. And only a doctor can say that you have a permanent injury from a case. So, it is critically important that you have a doctor who has your back.

If you have a doctor or a treater who doesn't have your back, start looking for a doctor. And when you call other doctors make sure that they have experience with injury cases, and they know what to do. The moral of the story is who you treat as a medical or who you choose as your treating medical provider. In an injury case is huge it can have a huge effect on whether you get a fair outcome or whether you get any money at all.

I’ve had cases where treating doctors in the privacy of their office will tell the client that they'll support them, but then when it comes to their deposition, they don't support them at all. They say, “Oh no, no, I have no opinion about whether the next surgery that I performed has anything to do with the car accident.” Because they made it clear to the client, they don't want to be involved and they don't want to give a deposition. And if we push them into a deposition, more likely than that, they're not going to help us, it is much better with a doctor who is comfortable with an injury case and is willing to cooperate because if they're not willing to cooperate, believe me, you don't want to force them.

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