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Chicago Car Crash? 3 Major Factors To Win A Your Car Accident Case

Chicago Car Crash? Here are 3 Major Factors To Help You Get You Medical Bills Paid, And Paid For Lost Time From Work and Every Other Thing The Law Says You Should Get After A Car Accident.

We’re going to talk about what happens in Chicago car crashes and what you need to do if you’ve been involved in a Chicago car crash.

If you’re not sure what to do after a car crash, you are in the right place.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash  that can really put you behind the "eight ball" in trying to protect your rights and get the recovery if you’re injured in the crash.

Property Damage Only?

Was anybody in your car or anyone you know injured in the crash?

If nobody was injured then it’s just a property damage claim and that’s something your insurance or the other driver’s insurance should be able to take care of for you automatically.

Property damage cases are a beast all of their own, but people usually do not hire a lawyer for property damage.  That's because insurance companies, while terible, are slightly easier to deal with in ost sitatuioons where your Chicago car crash involves  damage to your car.

After all, that’s what you pay for insurance for.

My advice to people who are involved in a Chicago car crash without bodily injuries and they’re concerned about getting their car repaired or getting a car rental, what I tell them is look at both insurance companies.  Look at your insurance company and its reputation and then the person who hit you, their insurance and its reputation. Then make the claim with the more reputable insurance company.


For example, if the guy who hit you has a substandard insurance that doesn’t return your phone calls? Your path of least resistance is to call your insurance company if you have full coverage and have your insurance company fix your car.  Then they will make a claim against the substandard insurance company.

If you get into a car accident that’s not your fault and your car is damaged, you shouldn’t have to suffer by making a million phone calls to an insurance company that’s not responsive.

So take the path of least resistance and get your car fixed that way.

If Injuries Are Involved?


If there are injuries involved in your car crash in Chicago then what I would tell you to do is make sure you get to speak with the police officer. 

Make sure the police officer makes the police report and blames the guy who actually caused the crash. You can do this by remaining calm, respectful, and factual when you’re speaking to the police officer.

If you get blamed on the police report, it makes your car crash case much harder.


If you had any other witnesses either in your  car or out on the street or in another car who support your version of how the  crash happened, make sure they speak to the police officer, too.

Getting an accurate police report which blames the correct party is an important part of the claims process when you’ve been involved in a car crash.

For some reason, if you get a moving violation ticket (running a red light, failure to yield, running a stop sign, speeding) and you’ve got a bodily injury claim, you don’t want to go to court and plead guilty to those tickets.

Pleading guilty to a moving violation is an admission in the civil case.

You’ve got to fight that ticket if you get a ticket mistakenly.
chicago car crash


The last thing I’ll mention is, if you or somebody in your car’s been injured, even a little bit, you’ve got to get to a doctor and get checked out to make sure those injuries are documented.

One of the main ways insurance companies fight a Chicago car crash with injuries is by pointing out delays in going to the doctor or when treatment is start and stop with gaps between doctor visits.

Make sure you are diligenlt in going to the doctor after your Chicago car crash, and things will go much better for you.

Make Sure Your Doctor Documents ALL Injuries and Complaints.

Make sure you tell the doctor all the parts of your body that hurt because that’s important.  If every part of your body that’s injured is documented in a timely fashion you’re really putting yourself ahead of the game if you have to make an injury claim.

Don't help insurance beat your case.  Even what seems like a minor injury can be a major source of frustration for you if the pain or problem never goes away.  Your best chance at full compensation for your injuries requires that all injuries and problems after a Chicagoi car crash are documented in the medical records.

Why Talk To A Car Accident Lawyer?

Heres' why:

Free Consult and No Fee Until You Win Your Case.

Talking to a Chicago car crash lawyer is free.  And when you hire the lawyer, there is no money out of pocket.  The lawyer only gets paid if you get paid.  No recovery, no fee.

They Can Protect Case Deadlines.

There are filing deadlines in injury cases, and they can get complicated. Miss a deadline, and your case is over. Your lawyer will make sure that doesn't happen.

They Deal WIth the Insurance Company and Paperwork.

Who wants to deal with confusing paperwork and the concern that you might sign the wrong document and end your case?

You Get A Bigger Settlement.

Allstate insurance showed in a study that injured people who had a lawyer put about 30-40% MORE MONEY in their pocket than those who did not have a lawyer.

They Make Sure You Get Everything The Law Allows.

Different cases have different allowable damages.  With a lawyer, you get everything that can be gotten to help you through this difficult time.

Are You Ready For Some Help?

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  • Either way, we end up as friends.

Sound good?

The call and the consultation are free and available 24 hours a day. Call any time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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