Chicago Personal Injury Attorney? What To Look For If YOU Need An Injury Lawyer


May 31  

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney? What To Look For If YOU Need An Injury Lawyer.

chicago personal injury lawyer

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney? Who Should You Call?  Which Lawyer Should You Hire? What To Look For If YOU Need An Injury Lawyer.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car crash, or really, no matter how you got hurt... may be wondering how to pick a Chicago personal injury attorney.

  • Should you hire the lawyer on TV?
  • One that your friend suggested?
  • The one that did a traffic ticket or divorce or Bankruptcy or some other law case for you?

Well, the #1 bit of advice I can give you is to use a lawyer who will talk to you. Explain things to you, and who has some experience and knowledge about injury law.

A Strong Focus

If you are in the market for a Chicago Personal Injury lawyer, then pick a lawyer who focuses on injury law, and representing injured people.

There are many 'jack of all trades' lawyers out there.  But there are many details to each area of the law, and I do not think one lawyer can know everything about injury law, criminal law, Bankruptcy and all the other areas of law.

It is best to go with a master of injury law than it is a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None".

chicago personal injury lawyer

Worse yet are attorneys who represent insurance companies or whose career was in ruining injured people's chance at fair compensation.  Then, the insurance company fires them, and they suddenly try to represent injured people.

What's missing?

Real compassion for injured people.  And the real skills you need to win these cases.

Early in my career, I though being a Defense lawyer would be good training for helping iinjured people, but it isn't.

Two completely different skill sets.

The Human Connection

The number one complaint about lawyers is that they are rude and do not call their clients back.

My office is focused on being nice to my clients and calling them back.  Keeping them advised and answering their questions.

If you talk to a lawyer and you do not connect with them? If they do not communicate with you?  If you do not like them?

Consider hiring a different lawyer.

Considerable Injury Case Experience And World Class Skill and Knowledge

Here's what I can offer you and all injured people as a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney that other lawyers and firms cannot.

A Different Kind of Chicago Personal Injury Attorney.

When I was nine years old, my father was catastrophically injured as a truck driver.

His injury case took 17 years to resolve.

At the end of 17 years of being run around by the insurance company and insurance defense lawyer, his own lawyer sued him to get more lawyer fees.

You can watch the 2 minute summary here:

Guess what I discovered when I started practicing injury law?

I became a Chicago personal injury attorney, helping injured people.  

Even though my father's case was an extreme example, the way injured people get treated by the insurance company, Defense lawyers and even their own lawyers isn't much different.

So I decided to represent injured people in a different way.

A better way.

Here are my Three Principles which guide my representation of every injured person.

The Three Principles of Excellent Representation.


Treat All Injury Victims Like Family:  

Honesty, Care, Respect

People who have been injured in an accident deserve to have their phone calls answered and they deserve to have an injury lawyer who they like, trust and respect. They deserve to know where their case stands, to have their questions answered.  And they deserve a lawyer who works hard and smart on their case.  I make sure that all people who got hurt in an accident have this kind of experience by making sure everyone on my team is trained to understand that winning your case while helping you and being there for you is our #1 goal.


World Class Legal Ability, Skill & Knowledge

In order to get every dollar our clients deserve, whether at Settlement or Trial, I have spent the last 2 decades of my career studying with the 'best of the best'.  I have spent well over $100,000 for advance settlement and trial training that most other lawyers never even consider doing. I have flown all over the country (and continue to do so) to study with the top legal minds.  I am a graduate of the  world-renowned "Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College" as well as a graduate of the prestigious "The Edge" program.  Not one in 10,000 lawyers has completed the training I have.  And I did it for one reason so you get the very best, most cutting edge and effective representation possible.


Proprietary, One Of A Kind Case Processing


Fast & Excellent Case Outcomes

From our one-of-a-kind, in-house developed automated case management software to our proprietary pre-suit case process, my firm discovers more about your case, earlier.  We beat the insurance company to the punch, and that means better results and faster case settlements for all of my injury clients, no matter how they got hurt or the kind of injury.

Not Just a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney...A Friend

I hope you will see that I am not just the average injury lawyer.  But instead, I have made it my mission to do everything in my power to ensure that injured people get the respect and case outcome they deserve from a highly skilled injury lawyer from a law firm of good people doing excellent work on behalf of injury victims.

"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life....5 star first class act who really knows his stuff."

car crash

Call Now.

Here's what I propose. Try calling me for a free consultation.

  • 100% Free.
  • Tell me what happened.
  • I answer your questions.
  • I tell you my plan.
  • YOU decide to hire me or not.
  • Either way, we end up as friends.

How's that sound?

No matter how you or a loved one has been hurt, I truly hope to hear from you to see how I can help.  Most every injured person benefits from a free consult with a trusted Chicago personal injury attorney.
You can call my office any time, night or day, at 312-500-4500.

Or if you prefer, you can submit your case by clicking the button below.

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"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life....5 star first class act who really knows his stuff."

Not Ready to talk?

I hope this article cleared up your questions about what is an IME.

I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of assistance to you and your family if you have been hurt at work, and what I can do to help.

Click the button below and tell me about what is an IME and what's going on with you.

About the author - Scott D. DeSalvo

I've been helping injured people just like you for my entire 20+ year career in all kinds of injury cases, and I can probably help you, too.

You can call me 24/7/365, any time, day or night, to get a free copy of the Injury "Cheat Sheet" which gives you the Five Secrets to winning your injury case. 100% free & no obligation.

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