Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Minor Car Accident?

Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Minor Car Accident

February 1  

Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Minor Car Accident?  Find Out Why It Is A Good Idea...

Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Minor Car Accident

"Should I Hire A Lawyer for A Minor Car Accident?" Is A Common Question And If You Are Hurt And Answer it Wrong, You Could Be Very Sorry.

Road accidents can occur anytime, and the damages you incur can range from minor to severe. For serious car accidents, hiring a lawyer is a must. However, for minor car accidents, it may seem like more of a hassle to escalate the issue than just to let it go. 

Should I Hire A Lawyer For A Minor Car Accident? The clear answer is "Yes."  If you have any pain or injury after a car accident, you should seek medical care first. Then, consider getting a free consultation with a lawyer.  This is key because early minor injuries can easily wworsen over time or become permanent.  Consulting with a lawyer right away means you and your case are protected right from the beginning.

However, letting it go may mean further consequences down the line. Asking for compensation at this point can be more challenging than if you just pursued the case in the first place. So, the question you might be asking now is, “should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident.”

With that said, continue reading below to learn more about whether or not you should hire a lawyer for minor car accidents and what you should do if you don’t do so immediately.

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"Should I? Or Shouldn't I?"

The most direct answer to this is yes, you should. You have to consider retaining an attorney even for the slightest damages and physical injuries. In most cases, physical injuries caused by minor car accidents seem to be bearable or even unnoticeable at first. 

However, there have been victims who suffered from severe physical conditions several days after the incident. Most of them didn’t show obvious symptoms right after the accident. Some symptoms would even manifest days or even weeks after the event.

The delay is usually caused by the surges of adrenaline throughout a person’s body after the collision.

So, suppose you are a car crash victim. In that case, it is highly advised that you immediately contact a highly qualified and experienced attorney. Preferably, choose one who has helped and guided plenty of clients through honest assessments and detailed discussions. 

These attorneys will assist you throughout the legal process and discuss what options you might have.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

For example, Illinois has a limitations statute regarding “when” a victim should file their claims. So, if you are currently considering filing a claim for personal injury outside the period of limitations, it’ll be barred. What does this mean? 

Simply put, you’ll no longer be able to recover or compensate for your losses after this period. The statute of limitations varies from State to State.

Under the Revised Status of Illinois, people only have two years to file a personal injury claim (in most ciircumstances). This specific time frame starts to count on the day of the victim’s injury or on the day of the accident. 

This is one of the main reasons it is imperative to immediately talk to a lawyer after the incident instead of wasting your time waiting for your limitation period to end. Lawyers will discuss with you everything you should know about minor accidents, including the legal processes. 

Also, these professionals will help you, as the victim, secure enough pieces of evidence. Hiring them early would also give them more time to evaluate your claim and conduct a careful investigation about your case.

Steps to Take Immediately After a Car Accident

People involved in vehicle accidents usually experience confusion, panic, and anxiety attacks. It is normal to feel that way as you are uncertain about what to do next or how to manage the entire situation. 

It’s normal if you feel like panicking after an accident, especially when people are milling about to see what’s going on. However, it is always best to take deep breaths and calm down. 

When you’ve finally come back to your senses, do the following steps:

  • Report the incident by calling 911.
  • Check others and yourself for any injuries.
  • Perform first aid procedures when necessary.
  • Exchange registration, license information, and insurance with the other driver.
  • Politely ask for the driver’s contact details.
  • Take a clear picture of the damage, the position of your vehicles, and the entire scene.
  • Take a picture of your injuries.
  • Politely ask the accident’s witnesses for their contact details and names. 
  • Ask the assigned police officer to write a detailed report.
  • Ask for medical help.
  • Consult an attorney.
What Happens When You Don’t File a Claim for Personal Injury?

Well, if you are a victim, this aggravates your already unfortunate condition. Why? Even though you’re sure the other driver is at fault, you might face difficulties if you don’t have enough pieces of evidence, such as a picture of the accident and your injury, to support your claims.

Moreover, there’s the possibility that the other driver might be the one who would file a complaint against you. 

Now, you are caught in the same hassle you have been trying to avoid. If you do not file a case against the other driver, you might end up being a defendant instead of a plaintiff. 

Simply put, this opens a window statute of your state’s limitation, and you’ll automatically lose your right as the victim to get compensated. Although these types of lawsuits won’t go very far if you give the complainant the financial assistance they need, you will still face significant financial losses. 

What Happens When It’s Already “Too Late”?

You can still hire a lawyer to defend your case. Suppose you decide to fight for your right and prove to the jury that you are indeed the victim.

In that case, you need to attend hearings repeatedly and defend yourself. However, you would not want this entire thing to happen in the first place. 

The hassle it takes has already been doubled compared to when you still had the chance to decide to consult an attorney right after the incident. Yes, you can still hire a lawyer at this time. Nevertheless, you’re already playing the role of the defendant, which is considered a less favorable position.

Final Thoughts

If you get hurt in a car accident, you shouldn’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to put yourself in a more favorable position. 

The hassle it takes to file a claim will be nothing compared to facing the consequences and financial losses for the things you didn’t do.  And if you have a lawyer, there's no hassle whatsoever.  The lawyer does all the leg work.

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