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Motor Vehicle Crash? Learn These 5 Tips To Get Paid.

motor vehicle crash

Here are the 5 tips in motor vehicle crash injury cases.  With this info, you have your best chance to protect your rights to a full recovery for your injuries and other losses.

I talk to lots of people who have a motor vehicle crash and have injuries.  Some people call right after a crash, and some wait until their case is already in danger.

Your best bet is to learn this stuff and follow the advice.

Motor Vehicle Crash Tip #1:  Always Make A Police Report

Some insurance companies will not accept an injury claim after a car accident if there is not a police report. So you are ahead of the game if you file a police report after any crash.  Even if the crash is minor and you do not think you are hurt, its a good idea.  Believe, me I have talked to hundreds of people who do not make a police report because they do not want to make abig deal about it, but you have to do it or the insurance company will doubt whether your case is legitimate.  They will think something isn't quite right.

The other thing is that many police departments do not want to give you a police report or modify one if too much time passes from the time of the crash.  if it is more than a week after the crash, I have had many people tell me that the police refuse to take the report.

So make a police report after a car accident and be safe rather than sorry.

Motor Vehicle Crash Tip #2:  See A Doctor Right Away

The best thing to do if you are having any pain at the scene of the crash is to get checked out the same day of the accident. It can mean going to the Emergency Room, or a family doctor or even a local clinic.  Getting chekced out and having your complaints documented by a medical professional helps prove your case.  They usually get worse, so why delay?

Many of my clients go to the doctor a day or two after the crash, and that's fine, too.  People who wait multiple weeks are really making their case hard to prove.

That said, it is pretty fair to says that, with a few exceptions, if you do not get timely medical treatment, we will have a very hard time to prove that you were really injured in the car crash.

Motor Vehicle Crash Tip #3:  Don't Give A Recorded Statement

Many people call the involved insurance company after the car accident without consulting a car accident lawyer.  They give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

This is always a bad idea.

Insurance companies use outlines written by lawyers.  They tell you thhat they just want information, but they usually are trying to get you to say something that will hurt your case.  I always tell my clients and people who call me for a consult never to do this.  Once they trick you and get you to say something which hurts your case, we are stuck.  This can really afffect your chance at getting a recovery for your medical bills.


Call Now.

Motor Vehicle Crash Tip # 4:  Photos and Witnesses

After an motor vehicle crash, it can be hard to remeber to get the names of witnesses and or photos of the car damage of all involveds vehicle.  But it is a really important thing to do.

An insurance can use a recorded statement against you to try to claim that you caused the accident, but they cannot dispute good car damage photos, or the words of people who are not invovled in the motor vehicle crash claim.  If they support your case, it really helps to prove the seriousness of the crash and hopw it happened to a Judge, Jury...and an insurance adjuster.

Cellphones have such good cameras, they are fine to use to take pictures.  And they also make it easier to names and phone numbers from witnesses, if there are any.

Motor Vehicle Crash Tip #5: Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer Right Away.

No list can prepare you for what is to come after you get hurt in a car accdient as well as a good injury lawyer.  That's just the truth.

Lawyers give free consultations, and if you do not like the lawyer, thank them and call another lawyer.  You are looking for someone with excellent reviews, and who will talk to you, listen to you and explain the process.  If a lawyer seems bothered and doesn't want to talk to you, there may be a good chance that lawyer will be hard to reach by phone later on.

Always work with a lawyer who you have a good realtionship with.  There are too many injury lawyers out there for you to have to deal with someone who does not treat you well.

If you have a case or any questions please feel free to give us a call at  312-500-4500.  That's a telephone line that we always answer, night and day, 365 days a year.

So please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you to answer any questions and give a free consult and working with you if you have a case.

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