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How to Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident? Make Sure The Guilty Is Held Responsible.

How to Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident

How to Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident? Make Sure That the Responsible Person is Held Responsible For All Damages and Injuries Caused in the Crash. 

Check out this advice from a Chicago favorite car accident attorney, Scott DeSalvo.  His advice will tell you how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident to help you know what to do to.  You will avoid blame, and the responsible party and their car insurance will have to pay for all damages and losses.

Why Is It Important?

There are two reasons.

The first is criminal and or traffic Court.

If you are blamed and found at fault, you can be convicted or found guilty of a traffic violation.  You may have to pay a fine and if you earn a living driving, this can affect your ability to have a professional drivers license to drive a semi-truck or heavy equipment or even a chauffer's license.  

So you do not want a traffic ticket or anything more serious on your license if you were not at fault in the car accident.

Second, your ability to make a civil case or claim is based on who was at fault.

In other words, what if the car crash caused damage to your car, made you lose time from work, have medical bills, or have a permanent injury? You will want to make an injury case or injury claim to make the person who caused the crash or their car insurance to pay.

But if you are found responsible, then the law says you cannot make the other side pay for your bills and damages. In other words, you must prove it wasn't your fault, and that the car accident was the fault of the 'other guy'.  

That's why it is key for you to learn how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident.

Give the Police Office Your Side of What Happened.

If you are taken away by ambulance, you may not have a chance to talk to the police officer.  But remain calm.  If you are at the scene, make sure to tell the officer your version of what happened.  This way, you are less likely to get a ticket and the police is more likely to writ the report to show you were not at fault.

Don't give a recorded statement to the insurance company without a lawyer.

Insurance companies ask you for a recorded statement.  They interview with an outline created by a lawyer.

Their goal is to get you to say something to hurt your case, and they are experts at doing it.  If you say something bad in the recorded statement, you could easily get blamed for causing a crash even if it wasn't your fault.

Get scene photos and car damage photos.

I have had hundreds of cases where the layout of an intersection or location of a crash, or the location of damage to a car helped me win a case for a client.  These can help us explain why it is the other guy's fault and it could not possibly be your fault.  

Believe it or not, this simple step is one of the most important ways how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident.

Witnesses and Video.

Cars and trucks sometimes use video to record outside their vehicle.  Examples include taxis and CTA buses.  But other kinds of drivers do, too.  A good video is make or break in proving fault in an injury case. Local businesses might have video of the crash, too.

And if there are witnesses who saw the crash, then contacting them and having your lawyer take their statemnt or send them an affiadvit to sign is a big step forward in proving the crash wasn't your fault.

Mechanical inspection of a vehicle.

When an injury case involves a dispute about brakes and tail lights and headlights, inspecting the invovled vehicles is important.  If the other guy says that his brakes failed or your tailights or brake lights didn't work, a post crash inspection can tell us whether he or she is lying to try to blame you for the car accident.

Consult and hire an excellent injury lawyer.

The advice I provide on how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident is valuable and it can 'make or break' an injury case.  But it is nothing like talking to a lawyer.

There are twists and tricks in these kinds of cases. And  your best bet to make sure you are not blamed is to hire a lawyer with experience in car accident cases.  Make sure it is a lawyer who you like and get along with. You will have to work together as a teasm.

You want someone who can get every bit of damages. This includes lost wage, medical bills, and money to compensate you for the permanent injuries and pain and suffering, and any ongoing disability you have from the car crash.  This sounds self-serving, but its true.  The answer to how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident is to work with a lawyer.

My office offers free consultations 24/7.  We answer our phone line all hours, day and night.

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