What If They Want To Sue ME After A Car Crash?

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January 9  

What should you do if they want to sue you after a car crash?

In this article, I would like to tell you what you should do if you get a letter or a phone call from a lawyer or another insurance company saying that they want to make a claim against you. They are making a claim against you either for the other person’s injuries or the other person’s property damage to the car. So, basically that means that the other driver is claiming that the accident is your fault, and the insurance company wants to sue you for the repairs that they did to that car or for medical bills. If it's a letter from a lawyer to you about a car accident, it probably means they went to a lawyer, hired an injury lawyer, and they're claiming personal injuries against you.

What should you do? Here is the simple answer if you had any car insurance on your car at the time of the crash at all doesn't matter if it's full coverage. It doesn't matter if it's liability only, doesn't mean if it's the Illinois state limits which are currently $25,000-$50,000 for one person injured in a car accident or $50,000 total no matter how many people were injured in the accident. It doesn't matter whether you have full coverage liability only, whether it is a good insurance or a crummy insurance, if you had insurance at the time of the accident and anyone accuses you of causing it or being partially responsible for it or get a letter or a phone call.

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This Is What You Should Do

You forward the letter to your insurance company immediately, the reason why is whether you have full coverage or just liability, what it buys you if somebody makes a claim against you for injuries or for property damage. Your insurance will hire a lawyer to defend the case and pay a judgment or settlement up to your policy limits and that's what you pay insurance for.

Notify Your Insurance Right Away

I just had a lady who called me last night, a really nice lady and she was in a car crash, it wasn't her fault, she wasn't hurt, her insurance fixed her car, her own car. And then she got a letter from the other person's insurance saying they're making a claim against her, and they want her to pay money and so she thought she had to hire me and pay me money to defend her. I told her what I just told you, just call your insurance company, and give them the letter and let them know what's going on.

I explained to her that you have to notify your insurance company right away. And that there was an accident. Notify them if anybody sends you a letter about a claim, and then the third thing you have to do is you must cooperate with your own insurance in order to help them defend the case. In other words, at some point they're going to call you, to interview you, and want you to maybe come in for a deposition or a statement or even show up at an arbitration or a trial, so you need to answer their calls when they hire a lawyer to defend you. Answer their calls, give them information if you don't, they can pull your insurance coverage. And then, it's just like you never had any insurance so that's the advice I give people in that situation.

I hope that it helps you if you have been in a car accident or a fall down or if you have somebody struggling with a medical malpractice or nursing home abuse issue or any kind of injury case that was wrongfully caused by another person.

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