What Benefits Can I Get In A Workers Comp Case? What Do I Get In Workers Comp?

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January 16  

How Is Worker's Comp Case Pay Calculated?

I get a lot of questions from people where they ask me how much a worker's comp case pays. So I thought I would tell you a bit about that real quick. The way workers comp works is, if a guy who makes twenty bucks an hour gets hurt and another guy makes ten bucks an hour and he gets hurt. It's the same injury, the same medical treatment and all of the other same care.

The way workers comp is set up is that the guy who makes twenty bucks an hour is going to get more money for his injury at the end of the case than the guy who makes ten bucks an hour. 

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How To Calculate PPD

Here's how you calculate PPD which is permanent partial disability in workers comp. You calculate it by taking the sixty percent of the hourly rate and then you multiply that into the number of weeks. And that number of weeks represents how much disability or how bad you are once you heal from the crash or from your work injury. So you can see, that if let's say a broken leg is worth 40 weeks, if you make twenty bucks an hour you're making twice as much per hour as the guy who makes ten bucks an hour. I hope that makes sense.

The details aren't important, but the takeaway to remember is that, the three things you get when you get hurt in a worker's comp case.

Time Off-Work Pay

First, they pay you for your time off work. They pay you two-thirds of your pay but you don't get taxes taken out of it so it ends up being about a wash. So while you're off work with the doctor's note you get two-thirds of your pay.

Doctor Or Medical Care

Second, you get your doctor or medical care that you need from the injuries you sustained at work. That gets paid for by the company too.

PPD Payment

Lastly, at the end of the case when you're done healing, you get what's called that PPD payment. Which represents, "Is my body different now since I had the accident?" or "Am I completely healed?" because in theory, if you're completely healed they don't pay you anything.

As a practical matter, I think once somebody's injured they are never quite the same. So those are the three things you get and that's what you're going to get in workers comp.

Other Compensations

Now if you're involved in a really serious injury and you can't go back to work there are other things you can get in workers comp to compensate you. You can get vocational training to get trained for a different job. Or if you can't do your old job, but you can do a lower paid job you can get something called a wage differential. Or if you can't return to work at all, you can get permanent medical care and receive payments for your entire working life.

I know this stuff gets complicated. I've tried to simplify it as much as I can but I thought you'd like to know that because somebody called the office recently and asked me that question.

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