CTA Bus Injury – What Should You Do If You Got Hurt on the CTA?

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May 24  

CTA Bus Injury?  CTA bus injury lawyer Scott DeSalvo answers a client's question about a fall on a CTA bus. The answer can help YOU to know what to do if you got hurt on the CTA bus or train, no matter how the injury happened.  You do not want to try to handle the case yourself.

The caller, Danielle, fell on a bus when it was raining. The floor was set, and the bus driver drove the bus so it jerked and shook. So, Danielle fell down and hurt her leg and her lower back.

In this video, Mr. DeSalvo answers Danielle's questions to help give her some information to assist her in decision making as to her next step in her CTA injury case.

Of course, speaking with a lawyer who is in possession of the actual details of the case is the only way to really know whether you have a chance at recovery in any kind of injury case, and that includes when you got hurt on the CTA. I am going to explain a little about the injury claims process that the Chicago Transit Authority has.

You see, CTA bus drivers, train operators and even supervisors who are called to the scene of a crash or an injury will often give you a claims number so that you can call the CTA and open an injury claim.  I have been an injury lawyer for almost 20 years.  Do you know how many time I have heard of an injured person actually being paid anything for their injuries or getting the medical bills paid by making an injury claim through the CTA?

Never.  Not once in almost 20 years.

CTA bus injury

I think that the CTA claims process is false.  It is a farce.  It is designed to get injured people to give the CTA information about you, your injuries and your medical treatment.  They do this NOT to evaluate your claim for purposes of settling.  Instead, they do it, I believe, SOLELY for the purpose of finding weaknesses in your case.

So they hand out witness cards to other people on the bus, but they do it to find a way to contest your injury case.  CTA lawyers will ask to take a recorded statement from you, but it is mainly to figure out a way to poke holes in your case and get you to say things that you do not even realize hurt your case.  That's why talking to a lawyer who knows what to do when you get hurt on the CTA or getting a CTA bus injuiry is the key to improving your chances to win fair compensation for your injuries.

CTA Bus Injury?  They Have Lawyers from 'Day One'.

They have lawyers, and you deserve the advice of a lawyer, too.  Why should they get legal advice and you have to go in 'blind', not knowing what they are really doing?  Consult with a lawyer and level the playing field.

Every case is different and there are certain to be wrinkles to the facts of your case that make it somewhat unique.  One simple fact, and knowing how to mitigate it if it is a bad one, can mean the difference between a good outcome or having your case thrown out of Court.  As much as it is unpleasant to think about calling a lawyer, not all lawyers are jerks.  Many of us a very nice people and will spend some time with you on the telephone so you can explain what happened and what your concerns are.  If you have a lawyer who is a jerk, say goodbye and call another one.  Find a lawyer who is courteous and knowledgeable about how to handle such cases as when you call the lawyer and say "I got hurt on the CTA and I need  help..."

That's why most good injury lawyers offer a free consultation in person or over the telephone.  You can learn a lot from one of these free consultations. They cost you nothing, but what you might learn could win your CTA bus injury case, or prevent you from losing it.

If you have questions or need more help, give me a call, toll-free, at 312-500-4500. Free, no obligation consultation in person or by phone.

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