Chicago Lawyer, Should I Talk To a Doctor or Lawyer After an Injury?

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May 24  

Chicago Lawyer, Should I Talk To a Doctor or Lawyer After an Injury?

Chicago Lawyer, Should I Talk To a Doctor or a Chicago Injury Lawyer After an Injury?

Personal Injury lawyer Scott DeSalvo explains when you should see a doctor or talk to a lawyer if you have any kind of injury.  Even a soft tissue injury in Chicago.

Even if you have no intention to make a case or claim, you only get one life and one body in this life. You are always better off being a doctor right away if you have pain. That is true of every medical condition.

Why See A Doctor After A Car Crash?

Medicine has come so far that your chances of a short injury are better if you see a doctor. Not seeing a doctor can delay your recovery, and it can also really hurt your injury case.

Literally, there is not a disease or injury that is better left undiagnosed.  The faster you know about anything, the better your doctor can find out what is wrong and start getting you better.

In fact, in some situations, delaying too long can result in you having a worse medical outcome than if you sought treatment right away. For example, if a broken bone is not set correctly, it may never heal right.That’s why any good Chicago lawyer will tell you to see a doctor and maintain a good record of following up.  It is for your health.

Another thing to consider: insurance companies love treatment gaps and not going to the doctor. It saves them money and means less money for your injuries (or maybe none).

Insurance company lawyers argue that if you were really hurt, you would not have delayed seeing a doctor. Juries buy this argument, unfortunately, so for your health and for your case, get into a doctor and get the help you need, right away.

What If I Just Have A Soft Tissue Whiplash Injury?

Many people don’t feel pain iright after a crash or accident.  They decide to wait.  This is very common.

And when they get some pain they think “Ah, its a neck sprain…” or “Oh my lower back is a little messed up, I mustn’t have slept in my favourite crib sheets,  I will wait it out.”

This is a bad idea.

I have been helping injured people as a Chicago lawyer for a long time.  I will tell you this:  a temporary neck sprain or back strain feels the same as a permanent injury, right at the beginning.  What is distinguishes them?

(1) Whether the pain goes away or not; and

(2) whether the pain increases or not.

Either way, you are better off to see a doctor.  Your orthopedic doctor can exmaine your soft tissue injury and tell if there is nerve involvement.

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If there is nerve involvement in your neck or back injury (even if you thinkl it is just soft tissue), then NOT getting treatment can result in serious and permanent consequences for your life and health.  It is possible that if a nerve is being pinched for too long and is damages, you will have a serious, chronic problem.

I have represented hundreds of clients who started off thinking they had a soft tissue sprain or strain injury to the back or a neck injury.  But it turned out that their injury was much more serious.

Please do not run that risk.  See a doctor.

Should I Talk To a Chicago Injury Lawyer After an Accident If I Got Hurt?
Injury lawyers offer a free consultation, so why not talk to one if you are hurt and have questions? It’s free and no obligation and your peace of mind are important.

You do not have to hire the lawyer.  You do not pay the Chicago lawyer anything.  But you come away with more answers and more peace of mind.

Some people wait to talk to a lawyer. They hope the insurance company will be fair in their accident case.  The problem is that they act nice.  But they are really manipulating you to do damage to your case.

If enough time goes by and your case is damaged too badlyby not acting with the advice of a good Chicago injury lawyer, you may have a hard time even finding a lawyer to come in to your case.  One of the main reasons for this is the Statute of Limitations.

The Statute of Limtiations is a time deadline.  If you do not settle or file a law suit on your case by the deadline, your case could be over.  Lawyers have to do a lot of investigation before they are ready to file a law suit.  They are required to do medical as well as other research before they can ethically handle a case for an injured person.

When you bring a case to a lawyer logn after your injury happened, there may not be enough time for the Chicago lawyer to prepare the case properly.  Then, they have to tell you that they cannot take the case.

So this is why I tell injury people, talk to a Chicago injury lawyer right away and get a free consultation.  Even if you do not want to hire a lawyer right now, it only works to your benefit.  It can mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

“Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life….5 star first class act who really knows his stuff.”

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I hope this info helps you to understand that even if you have a non-surgical soft tissue injury case, getting medical care to document the injuries is essential.  And talking to a Chicago lawyer is smart, too.

If you still have questions, I am happy to answer any questions you have below or give me a call.

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"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life....5 star first class act who really knows his stuff."

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