CTA Workers Compensation: What CTA Employees Need to Know If Hurt At Work

CTA workers compenstion

March 15  

CTA Workers Compensation: What CTA Employees Need to Know About CTA Workers Comp and How To get The Benefits You Deserve.

As a CTA employee, you possess legal rights that allow you to file a Workers Comp case if you got hurt at work. The main aim is to get compensation for your losses and injuries. The compensation amount helps workers to continue sustaining their families even during disability problems. For your injuries’ care and treatment, the CTA must follow the rulesof the illinois Wortkers Comp[ensation law.  This law gives you many rights, but benefits are only guaranteed if you case is handled the right way.

CTA Workers Compensation is a type of personal injury case when an employee of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) gets hurt on the job.  This could be during a bus or train crash, or as simple as a maintenance crew member falling are hurting themselves while cleaning or inspecting a bus or train station.  All of the usualy rules of Workers Comp apply ro CTA Workers Comp cases, including the advice that getting a lawsyer is a good idea.  Consultations are free, and the lawyer only gets paid if he or she wins, at a statutory rate of 20%.

For workers who do not understand Workers Comp protocols, then a CTA worker comp lawyer is the best alternative. The lawyer will guide you and take care of all of the confusing procedure na injured employee might encounter in a CTA Workers Comp case.

CTA employees can get hurt on the job while working for the CTA in a lot of different ways.  These problems may even lead to fatal accidents, injuries, and losses. This is why CTA employees are entitled to Workers Comp benefits to cover their expenses if they missing time from work due to an injury. The following are some of the points you need to know about CTA workers injuries and compensation:

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Problems CTA workers encounter

CTA workers face numerous dangers to their health and safety in their line of work. This may lead to injuries and the need to file a CTA workers comp case. Some of these problems include:

Assaults and Crimes

Countless times, CTA workers report cases of assault, especially during morning and evening hours. It can either be in the circumstance of theft or just unsatisfied passengers. These happen on trains, buses and even at train stations.  And, they are usually covered under Workers Comp.

Weather changes

Bad weather conditions may lead to serious accidents and injuries.  CTA workers can slip and fall on ice or snow or other materials which have dripped or spilled on the ground, and bad weather always increases bus accidents.  These kinds of injuries are usually covered as well, but that doesn't mean that the CTA will not fight them.

Construction projects

Another factor that greatly hinders the effectiveness of CTA workers is construction work. A CTA worker needs to investigate any ongoing construction routes before traveling. Consutrction work on the roads can lead to a crash. And at stations, can easily lead to fall or other injury.

Insufficient staff, bad training, overwork

The CTA is always in a budget crsis.  And it is always looking to reduce staff and increase efficiency.  This can inevitably result in new employees who haven't been given proper supervision or training or who have too much to do.  This can result in accidents and injuries to those employees -- and their co-workers.

What to do after an accident

Most people don’t know which steps to undertake after a CTA accident at work. The below points will guide you on what to do. They include:

Report the accident

Many employees lose their CTA workers comp benefits in a CTA Workers Compensation case due to failure of reporting an accident. If you got hurt at work, report it within 45 days and make sure you have a CTA Workers Compensation case filed at the Commission weithin 3 years or you may lose your right to receive benefits.

Early accident reports

Report your injuries promptly. It is better to report the accident within three days though not longer than 45 days. This will allow you to get CTA workers' compensation benefits.  If you miss the "45 Day Rule" for reporting your on the job injury, your case could suffer.

Seek medical attention

If your injuries are serious or just appear to be minor, get medical care immediately.  You can choose your doctor, but be aware of the "Two Doctor Rule" and stay within your doctors chain of referrals.

CTA Workers Compensation Benefits (What You Can Get)

Whether your injuries were serious or not, you should demand worker’s compensation. There are legal rights that entitle you to obtain compensation advantages. Consider the following benefits of CTA workers comp:

CTA Pays Medical

No matter the depth of your injuries, you are entitled to free medical treatment for your work related injuries. You choose your doctor, and the CTA is responsible for paying the medical bills.  They may fight the case, in which case we have to go to the Arbitrator (Judge) to force them to pay.

Temporary Total Disability

If you have to take off work while injured, get a doctor's note.  If you have a doctor's note saying that you cannot work, then the CTA is supposed to pay 2/3 of your salary.  Without a doctor's note, you may be out of luck.

Lump Sum At The End

Once you have healed, you are entitled to a lump sum settlement called PPD (Permannet Partial Disability).  Many times, employers ignore this part and way for the 3 year filing deadline to expire.  But you are entitled to a PPD paying in virtually all cases.

Hiring a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a very wise plan for a CTA Workers Comp case. The CTA is always under a money crunch, and they want to pay you as little as possible (or nothing) for your CTA Workers Compensation case. 

There are so many little details and rules and procedures in Workers Comp, you're better off with someone who knows how to maximize what you get.  You never pay out of your pocket and the consultation is free. A good lawyer will thoroughly help you and taker care of all of the details so you can focus on getting better.

A CTA workers comp lawyer will help you recognize your rights as a CTA employee. During accidents, the lawyer can explain the entire process including getting hospital and wages paid. And the lawyer does the 'leg work' and handles all of the hassles.

The period for filing a CTA worker complaint

You can still file a complaint within three years after your accident. Later than that results in loss of CTA workers' compensation benefits. You should also consult your CTA workers comp lawyer for more details and guidance. However, it is advisable not to withhold your complaint longer as it may lead to extensive losses. Even three years and one day is considered a delay.


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