Personal Injury: Six Tips You Need to Know If You Got Hurt


May 24  

Personal Injury: Six Tips You Need to Know If You Got Hurt

This is the first episode of "The Blind Justice Podcast" where I discuss Personal Injury and Six Tips You Need to Know If You Got Hurt.  So have a listen.

I like to talk like a normal person (not a lawyer) and I like injured people who had a personal injury to have information they need so they can make smart decisions in their cases.

That's why I decided to do a podcast.

Here's the Six Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Injury Cases...

Many Topics In Personal Injury Law Aren't that Complicated If You Have Someone Explain It To You.

The problem is, not many injury lawyers wnat to take the time to explain things.

I always try to do it.  The number one complaint against lawyers is they do not talk to their clients and they do not call them back.

So whether you have a case right now or not, learning this stuff can only help you.  I KNOW people can understand this stuff, and I have seen people benefit for knowing how these cases work, so that's why I do this podcast and otherwise generate the articles and books and offer them to people hurt in an accident for free.

Talking to a Lawyer is A Real Good Idea

Its easy to be nervous or feel weird about talking to a lawyer.

What if the lawyer is rude?  What if they try to charge me?

I always tell people if a lawyer you get a free consult from is rude, thank them, and call someone else.  There's so many lawyers out there, you should get one who is ast least polite.

And just confirm that the consult is free.  Almost all lawyers offer a free consult over the phone or in person.

personal injury
If You Got Hurt, What Should You Look For or Know?

ONE: Work Injury/Workers Comp cases are different than other kinds of injury cases like car crashes, falls, dog bites, etc.  The procedure is different and the cases are heard in different cases.

TWO:  Always report your injury.  If its a car crash, that mena a police report, but if its a fall, then report it to the store.  In other words, documen your accident.

THREE: Get witnesses.  A neutral pair of eyes is key because they aren't asking for money.  They are just telling what they saw.  One is good, but 3 or 4 or 5 witnesses are even better.

FOUR:  Go to the doctor and keep your medical treatment regular until you recover.  Don't delay treatment and don't stwart and stop.  Follow doctors' advice.  It will get you better faster, and it makes for a strong injury case.

FIVE: Make sure your doctor is on your side and isn't hostile.  Some doctors hate injury lawyers and injury cases.  As soon as the learn there was an accident or injury.  Change doctors.  You aren't going to win them over.  Just find a doctor who is nice to you and takes good medical care of you.

SIX:  Don't give a recorded statement unless you have a lawyer with you.  Never give one without a lawyer.  They ask you trick questions and all it does is HURT your case.

Even if you don't think you have a case or just have a question, get a FREE consultation from a lawyer who does injury law.

Those are the big things I wish more people know.  And now, you do!

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