Injured People Get Treated Bad By Insurance Companies

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May 17  

Injured People Get Mistreated By Insurance Companies According to Chicago Injury Lawyer

Injured People Probably Will Never Get Fair Treatment From Insurance Companies Without the Help of a Chicago Injury Lawyer.

In some states, like Florida, if an insurance company refuses to pay anything, even on a valid claim where the injuries are very serious and who caused those injured people is very clear, you can actually take the insurance company directly to court.

You can sue them directly for their bad faith in refusing to make any offer at all, when any reasonable person would know that an offer should have been made.

Attorneys call this a third-party bad faith case.

Like in any case, a judge or jury would hear the evidence and decide whether what the insurance company did was okay or not. But in Illinois, third-party bad faith cases against your opponent’s insurance company are prohibited by law.

In Illinois, insurance companies got their billions of dollars together and made sure that our legislature wrote laws that protect the insurance companies. 

That means that under Illinois law, you can’t bring a third-party bad faith case against an insurance company, even if their claims practices are outrageous, even if they lie to you, they’re rude to you, or they misrepresent things to you.

In fact, even if they refuse to offer you a nickel on a very serious injury or death case. Believe me, insurance companies are taking advantage of this by refusing to pay on valid claims. This is because they know, under Illinois law, they can’t be sued directly.

Because there is rarely any legal consequences for insurance companies and their lawyers for bad conduct against injured people, they sometimes try to get away with anything they can. Doing it alone in a personal injury claim is probably a mistake.

Hiring A Lawyer

That is why you should consider hiring a lawyerMost injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if they win.

In soft tissue injury cases and other kinds of injury cases, you have to be willing to fight. You have to have a lawyer who is willing to go all the way, even if the case is tough.

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